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Where the right to buy a tennis racket

ajie10172010-03-16 09:10:40 +0000 #1
beginner, buy a tennis racket where appropriate, about how much money?
ellen1982642010-03-16 09:21:30 +0000 #2
Taobao marked with you to the "second-hand tennis rackets," where a home store called "new impetus for genuine second-hand sporting goods store" inside the beat is very good, prices are affordable!
dsighy2010-03-16 09:53:34 +0000 #3
Bang Nimai professional coaches to find it, he will play according to your own characteristics and the current level, to help you select the most suitable for your racket, but the price cheaper than the store to buy a lot, if you are in Shanghai, then I can recommend you look at
170 billion2010-03-16 10:31:50 +0000 #4
in the shop will have a. . . . .
Cai Health2010-03-16 10:56:36 +0000 #5



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