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Tennis player Cara Black, Justine Henin, Anna Kournikova Information

Fate13212010-03-16 14:11:50 +0000 #1
Who is to know about Cara Black, Justine Henin, Anna Kournikova to play all three players playing habits and type, and good 呀? " Thank you slightly
Haas 20062010-03-16 14:13:57 +0000 #2
Cara Black

Cara Black (Cara Black, 1979 Nian 2 Yue 17 Ri Harare), Zimbabwe professional tennis player won Wimbledon Tennis Championships Women's Doubles (2004, 2005, 2007) and the Australian Open Women's Doubles (2007) title; but in singles, only one in 2002, won the championship tournament. She has two brothers also played tennis - thanks to Lang (Byron) and Wayne (Wayne). [1] [2]

In addition, her December 2, 2006 and Brett Stephens married.

Cara Black received the International Olympic Committee, national and regional associations and the ITF Olympic Committee, the Tripartite Committee's invitation to become the first batch of the 2008 Summer Olympics tennis players qualify.

Haining, am not going to introduce more of the red clay Queen

Name: Haining (Justine Henin)

Gender: Female

Nationality: Belgium

Birthday: 1982.6.1

Height: 1.68 meters

Weight: 57 kg

Project: Tennis

grip: right-handed

into vocational Time: 1999

brilliant record of:

the highest singles ranking: 1

doubles the highest ranking: 23

singles titles: 39

doubles titles: 2

using the racket: Wilson K Factor KTour 95

shoes: Adidas Barricade VI

career record: 166 wins 64 L

career prize money: 3,173,318 dollars

on May 14, 2008 announced its withdrawal from professional tennis.

Career full review:

1996: participated in the first race, in Spain, Mallorca carried out by an ITF Challenge, winning the first round after being eliminated.

1997: although they were not ranked, but it was Henin-Hardenne has won two ITF singles titles Challenge.

1998: In the early 10-game winning streak has made, and again won two ITF Challenge championship title, while in the middle of the season once again added a first in his class after the end of the year Haining world ranking to No. 226 bit.

1999: Haining officially became a professional tennis player, and the game in his hometown Antwerp, Belgium, won the individual first WTA Tour singles title trophy, the same year, she also helped Belgium Fed Cup Team in the team reached the semi-finals.

2000: the year due to arm injury missed the French Open, in the second half of next season, has also been suffering from toe injury troubles, though this, Henin-Hardenne or in the U.S. Open last year to get a job his first Grand Slam singles quarter-finals to advance to the way she beat your opponent at that time also included No. 12 seed for the "Russian Baby" Anna Kournikova, and after the game in the world rankings for the first time into the top 50, year-end ranking was No. 48.

2001: In the French Open into his first Grand Slam singles semi-final result, the once leading the circumstances under which 6-2/4-2 compatriots Kim Clijsters beat reversal, while the Wimbledon in two weeks after the competition, she became the first stop on the women's singles final of the All England Club, venue of the Belgians, but in the end lost the same regret defending champion Venus Williams. Although the two wings arena grand slam, but Henin-Hardenne in the WTA Tour was won three titles, and her final year-end ranking up to No. 7.

2002: In the French Open warm-up match before the important German Open champion, but the injury has made her a sudden surprise on the first round at Roland Garros has been eliminated, although in four weeks after the opening of Wimbledon among the four strong, but eventually lost the second consecutive year in the Da-wei photographed, stop outside the gate in the final. Since then, Henin-Hardenne won in Austria, Linz, the year his first two singles titles, and for a time in the world ranking rose to a career-high No. 4.

2003: In the beginning of the Australian Open semi-final re-match for the old enemy Da-wei, but in Charleston in April to the final victory over Serena Williams of the clay, Henin-Hardenne ended the latter's amazing 21-match winning streak record. In May, in Berlin, after the final victory over Kim Clijsters, Henin-Hardenne won the first three championship seasons. The next breaking the law, in a controversial semi-final elimination of defending champion Serena Williams in your after another in the final, Henin-Hardenne beat Kim Clijsters again, the first time, won the career Grand Slam title. But soon, Henin-Hardenne in the Wimbledon semi-finals after Serena revenge successful, the third consecutive year at the All England Club, losing to the Williams sisters.

To the U.S. Open final win over Kim Clijsters Fenghou again until Henin-Hardenne in the 03 championship season, has been hailed 7, which also includes a two Grand Slam Gold Cup. In a Swisscom Challenge Cup final after beating Dokic, Justine Henin-sit the first time in his career the world's first rear, though the beautiful moments to stay in just one week after being replaced by Kim Clijsters However, things are not lightly for any failure Haining example, in the year-end WTA finals beat Kim Clijsters won the first end of the year, or let her own paintings on the incomparably brilliant, a perfect 2003 full stop.

2004: January's Australian Open despite winning the contest, and the gradual harvest, including Sydney, Dubai, Pacific Life, including 3 title, but then contracted the strange disease hypoglycemia and cytomegalovirus, Henin-Hardenne's health condition makes the greatly affected, as well as defending the French Open second round battle lost only the first 86 ranked players in Italy Gabin. She then announced its withdrawal, including a series of events, including Wimbledon.

August at the Athens Olympics, Henin-Hardenne's first competition since the French Open, in the singles final against Amelie Mauresmo, the Belgian team won a gold medal. But then the U.S. Open, her early in the fourth round was defeated Nadia Petrova, the world ranking dropped to switch from NO.1 to the first four, ending his rule has period of 45 weeks. And then one after another out of Porsche Grand Prix, the Swisscom Challenge in Zurich, as well as year-end WTA finals, after Henin-Hardenne to the end of his year-end 8 of the troubled 2004 season.

2005: At a knee injury after missing the Australian Open that year, Henin-Hardenne finally the clay courts in the summer with impressive winning streak proclaimed the return of her Charleston, Warsaw and the German cup in three consecutive events, and a second Roland Garros crown crown. Before that, only Chris Evert, Steffi Graf and Monica Seles all three superstars have had success on clay season unbeaten, including breaking the law, including the conquest of all venues.

Surprisingly, but Henin-Hardenne in the Wimbledon first round the next was the Greek woman Dani Li Meng were upset eliminated, despite the previously dropped 43 places in the world rankings by the end of July to return to the world's top five, but the has never been conquered before the All-England Club, has once again brought the pain of her memories. In August, Henin-Hardenne reached the final of Rogers Cup in Toronto, lost to Kim Clijsters, and then stop at the U.S. Open she lost to Pierce in the fourth round. Fall into the European indoor season, Henin-Hardenne missed due to tendon injury following a number of events, eventually the end of the year-end ranking of No. 6 is not too good this season.

2006: Henin-Hardenne 6 times during the year trophy, as well as penetrating all four Grand Slam singles final, but only in the realization of the defending French Open. In the Australian Open, Henin-Hardenne was successively eliminated top-ranked Lindsay Davenport and Sharapova, ranked fourth, but the final with Amelie Mauresmo was forced to withdraw due to illness, achievement of the latter maiden grand slam crown. However, in the French Open, Henin-Hardenne lost seven games without one, the ultimate success of defending, becoming, after Monica Seles, but also a three-player wins title.

Then, while Henin-Hardenne in the Wimbledon semi-final victory over the then world number two Kim Clijsters, but lost again in the final ranking has risen to NO.1's Amelie Mauresmo, the second can only be harvested at the All England Club, runner-up silver plate. U.S. Open final, Henin-Hardenne was unanimously optimistic about the time been defeated Maria Sharapova in straight sets, the harvest of this season's third Grand Slam finals loss. In the year-end finals, Henin beat Amelie Mauresmo in the final eventually won back the world's first, which also marked her as, following Martina Hingis in 2000, after winning second place at the same time the year-end championship finals with the year-end number one player in double honor.

2007: In early Haining connection with her husband Pierre - Hardenne's marriage miss the Australian Open, but the whole season, as its performance is still the best 1 year. She won a total of the year, including the French Open, U.S. Open and the final end of the year, including 10 championship title, becoming in 1997, Hingis won the crown after the 12, the first in a season the women's singles champions to achieve double-digit player.

At the French Open's defending for the success of Monica Seles, after Henin-Hardenne became the first Roland Garros, following the completion of three consecutive players; while in the North American hard courts, she is feeling sturdy, not only in itself this season, Flushing, New York The second Grand Slam trophy in the bag, but also winning streak is extended to the end of the year. As a whole in 2007, her singles record a staggering total of 63 wins 4 losses, lost 4 games all in before the end of Wimbledon, which included a surprising semi-final at Wimbledon, losing to France's "dark horse" Pakistan Tuo Li. In the year-end after the finals, Justine Henin's winning streak reached 25 games, breaking his own creation in 2005, the personal best 24-match winning streak record. Queen Steffi Graf of Germany had done in 1989, the second half of the season after Wimbledon unbeaten amazing feat, but Henin-Hardenne are the same of their own in 2007 completed the feat.

2008: A victory in Sydney, Henin-Hardenne had to open 08 season full of confidence to return to Melbourne Park, but in 1 / 4 final, less than expected after losing to Maria Sharapova, people have begun with the number one of its Federer started the trouble, like an endless discussion.

Despite the subsequent success in his native Antwerp won the second title of the season, but in the blessed land a surprise in the quarter-finals in Dubai, lost to Francesca Schiavone of Italy Meng F, and then to the second consecutive year in Miami was the sworn enemy of small-William Sri Lanka sweep, have made all of the challenge to reach the critical point of the outbreak. Subsequently, Haining has recently announced a month-long injury into the rest period, but in the back of the German Open was possessed magical reversal of the Safina beat, but this defeat King-shing, for her brilliant career curtain call performance. Of course, the premise is that less than 26-year-old Henin-Hardenne will not "follow" Seles and Martina Hingis retired in 2023 after the search in the back.

Beijing September 23, 2009 early morning, when he was 27-year-old Henin-Hardenne announced back in tennis after an absence of 16 months after the formal announcement to return to professional tennis!

January 28, 2010, Henin-Hardenne in the back later to participate in the first Grand Slam, the Australian Open semi-finals in straight sets 6-1,6-0 on to beat Zheng Jie of China's athletes to enter the final.

In the final, Henin-Hardenne lost to American Serena Williams is better than 1:2.
summer Xiao Bao2010-03-16 14:17:08 +0000 #3
I know Haining, single-lens reflex is very powerful, strong ability to grasp opportunities, and change lines easily for her, and she is very strong, is the famous Jagged Queen, but she is very good on clay, handling many large slam, except there is no red clay

Anna looks great, she is better, but the play in general, because the strength enough to really not very clear

that Cara Black
tennisweirdo2010-03-16 15:00:10 +0000 #4
I am not good at halo Henin-Hardenne on clay. . . . Haining is the strongest clay is good seven Grand Slam four French Open on clay you say that she is strong or not?
Yangyuan Jun 852010-03-16 16:01:58 +0000 #5
Haining SLR



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