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Grand Slam why the state should hold the four countries? Is how to determine it?

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This is a historical question, not of a particular event, a meeting or a specific time determined.

In short, we used to have people who love tennis dignitaries, in London, staged a near All England Tennis Club, where the annual summer event held at the club. Later, big fame, and competition is not limited to the British people, and then became an international event. Clearly, the four Grand Slam Wimbledon is the oldest one.

Later, ITF was set up, I feel, including Melbourne Park tennis tournament, Tennis Park, Flushing, New York events, Baliluolan Garros Tennis Center event, as well as mentioned earlier, the All England Tennis Club tournament, is the world's highest-ranking events, with event organizers, along with the four will be referred to as the so-called Grand Slam, that is our translation of the Grand Slam.

Still later, ATP and WTA gradually take shape, will be Grand Slam of the points and prize money levels set high, get a Grand Slam on the regular gray ash often 牛逼 ... ... slowly, there we are now see the Grand Slam.

However, through my explanation, we should also be aware that many people often mistake the question:

1. Is not a career Grand Slam events;

2. Grand Slam is a Grand Slam tournament of the core organizers of the Organizing Committee, rather than the ITF, WTA or ATP;

3. Grand Slam championship glory, higher than the Olympic champion, is because there are too many independent outside the Olympic history and cultural accumulation;
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may be due to historical reasons, bar,

International Tennis Open, the four short four Grand Slam, they include: Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open, U.S. Open.

Australian Open

the Australian Tennis Open is the tennis center management from Australia, the annual Australian Tennis Open is the Open, the earliest beginning of the four major events, events scheduled for 1-2 months. The Australian Tennis Open is the latest by the four major Open tournament was created. The first competition was in 1905 in Melbourne Cricket Ground 威尔霍斯曼 held. Australian Open prize money of up to 19 million Australian dollars (equivalent to 15.2 million U.S. dollars). In which a single winner of the prize money for men and women were 2.1 million Australian dollars (equivalent to 1.86 million U.S. dollars), is the highest four Grand Slam. This is its place in the four Open one of the reasons.

French Open

French Open began in 1891, starting with only French player to participate in, until 1925, only to allow foreign players participating. From 1928 onwards, the French Open every year by the end of May to early June in western Bois de Boulogne in Paris, held in the city side of the Roland Garros tennis. Venue for the red clay site, it is also known as the red-clay courts tennis. French Open prize money amounted to 12.23485 million euros, 2 day of competition has entered the third day. Ticket prices according to different venues and screenings for 8 euros to 53 euros. As the rainy season often makes the game be postponed a major feature of the French Open.

Wimbledon Tennis Championships

the tournament the last week of June each year to be held early in July on a regular basis, has become the traditional, eligibility is based on the previous year in all major competitions to win cumulative score as determined. Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the first game in modern tennis history, from the All England Club and the British Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1877. Wimbledon prize money increase over 1984 men's singles first prize of 10 million pounds, the women's singles championship at 9 million pounds. The men's singles champion in 1991, was 240,000 pounds, the women's singles champion was £ 216,000.

U.S. Open

U.S. Open began in 1881, each race are in the end of August each year to New York City early in September in the United States Tennis Association National Tennis Center. Since 1997, race in new Arthur Ashe Tennis Center. The center covers an area of 18.2 hectares, with 33 venues, the venue is also the hard courts, in order to win the race, the athletes have a good physical. U.S. Tennis Open and the Wimbledon tennis tournament, as are the four major tennis Open prize money to maintain a system of equal pay for men and women tennis Open bonuses this year's event will reach 16.1742 million U.S. dollars (1 U.S. dollar equals 6.9 yuan ). Ticket price is 22 yuan to 92 U.S. dollars.

Open era has won at least four athletes

tennis crown in the "Grand Slam" means the player in a season to achieve the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open Grand Slam in four a title. In English, the term Grand Slam Grand Slam for the first time in 1933. At that time, one whose name was John Kieran (John Kieran) of the American journalist to describe Jack Crawford (Jack Crawford) determined earlier in the year before winning four tournaments of the ambition, it will be the metaphor into a countered and vulnerable grand slam in bridge. Unfortunately, Crawford in the championship final when the United States lost to the Buddha Leidepeili (Fred Perry), unable to do so. Until 1938, only by the 唐纳德布吉 (Donald Budge) to become the first four Grand Slam winner in history.

Although the term was initially used in the Grand Slam tennis, later gradually adopted for other sports, used to describe players made similar achievements. Typical example, golf, Grand Slam is also the same time in a year means the player has won four major tournaments. 】

【Man to win all four Grand Slam a year:

Don - Phuket 1938

Rhodes - Laver in 1962 and 1969, his career took

Qi four Grand Slam:

Don - Phuket, Rod - Laver, Fred - Perry, Roy - Emerson, Andrew - Andre Agassi, Roger - Federer.

Kim slam: Andrew - Andre Agassi (four Grand Slam and the Olympic Games are not won a year)

year】 【woman to win all four Grand Slam:

Steffi Graf 1988 Margaret Smith Coulter 1970 Molin Kang Connolly took his career in 1953

Qi four Grand Slam:

Chris. Egyptian Buddha Special: Navratilova and Serena Williams

Gold slam: Graf 1988 (four Grand Slam and Olympic Games, winning a year, also known as the annual Gold slam)
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historic opportunity.



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