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Table Tennis shake-hands grip the floor + seeking reasonable allocation of rubber, thank you!

hhnhy2010-03-16 19:10:50 +0000 #1
Primary school played 2,3 years, but no formal training, just toying with the students. It has been nearly two decades later no moving too. Until two years ago began to fight, using a 729 finished shake-hands grip 2060, and now want a change rackets, rubber floor, and do not know how to match better. Play is basically near, middle forehand and backhand fast-break away, another would like to strengthen the chopping yourself. Far from playing the comparison of small, even Sierra loop.

About their distribution, then do not understand, ask an experienced friend is given options, the adoption will get points (not simply copy and paste stuff). Requirements: horizontal plate, easy ball, but not too meat, moderate weight, but not too light, no shock feel, economic and durable to meet the daily practice and amateur competition between colleagues.

Thank you for 啦, looking forward to the answer.
hanleizhangli2010-03-16 19:20:44 +0000 #2
my suggestion is that the level of general, on the floor with the Double Happiness, with 3 sets of mad, the backhand with the 729-2.

Although the characteristics of this configuration is not clear, but stable, and overall.

Galaxy's bottom are not only hard with crisp, off beat too fast, not made entirely on the strength out of the ball.

Mad three more common use of other sets of plastic nothing to recommend. Double Happiness is because the floor has also selected the compatibility of the same brand high, and the Double Happiness is the domestic first, no problem, but not prominent features of Double Happiness floor though, but the more comprehensive modest. If you feel that Double Happiness expensive, can be considered Palio floor, that's fine, but the Palio partial Qing Cui, a little meat and feel. I college coach to the school children with the ball beat, she bought Palio's.

At the same time, because you are biased close to the table fast break, it is proposed that the folder with the seven-layer floor. Beat buy the time for a fixed price and brand, such alternative is running out, and then inside holding a comfortable block the election like the election of ordinary golfers shoot, grip, or a sense of the most important. If you have identified, it is recommended choice offensive. Is not recommended to buy carbon, no need to.

In fact, casually playing the usual, such a tempo has been good.
Original screen name a2010-03-16 19:38:35 +0000 #3
If Louzhu prepared to spend a two or three hundred words on the choice of the Milky Way floor (price of more than 100 operator may be), if it intends to spend more than 400 words of STIGA OC can choose the floor, STIGA OC very high cost, the price a little more than 200 bar (parallel, looking to buy a good reputation, of course, you can buy a mainstream, more expensive than that)

Description: classic structure of seven wood-based panels, using the latest technology, designed for the inorganic. Beyond the import of round bottom. Fujian Province, China table tennis team for special products.

Detailed description (which can be bought in Taobao, looking to buy a anti-counterfeit trademark, the basic does not appear fake, this is only one paragraph, you can look at themselves)

Model: U-2 # (China Fujian special table tennis team for the product)

Speed / Speed: 9

Control / Contral: 7

Layers / Ply: 7

Thickness / Thiness: 6.0 ± 0.2mm

weight / Weight: 86 ± 3g

Handle Type / Handle: CS / FL

Type / Type: fast attack loop type (suitable inorganic)

Rubber positive mad 3, P 3 can be mad, Taobao sell 58 or so (look for a security to buy), negative 729 Focus 3 (forget the price of)

Zhu Lou Zhu Yue play better



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