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bz55251102010-03-16 22:10:22 +0000 #1
I start from primary school amateur table tennis ball, now a freshman. Straight, anti-plastic, the main play small ball chopping, have the opportunity to enter Taiwan attack, made more fierce strength, and occasionally see the next spin the ball also pull a few boards. My basic skills are not very good, there are many areas for improvement, such as posture, pace and so on. Now I entered the school team, the teacher said I used the Galaxy H3 bottom too thick, too heavy, let me from another floor. I also read online and saw the Galaxy T2, and the two bottom MC2 very good, I'm not really understand them, they are invited expert to help recommend Bar

is mainly to improve the standard of an appropriate higher level of table tennis bats right there the overriding factor, thank you.
gaoguodong10062010-03-16 22:25:55 +0000 #2
recommended Marlene try using Jasaka YE0

Product Name: YE0 Brand: Yasaka / Jasaka

ping-pong Bottom Material Category: pure wood

ping-pong bottom layer: 5-layer plywood

Price range: 201-500 yuan

Taiwan within the small ball control is very comfortable, put short, the desks are a good pick to play. Block shot, very solid, (due to surface is the Scandinavian board), so unlike YE, some become soft, the backhand cross-coherence playing very good, very light floor!

Close to the table fast break, is a good out ball quickly!

loop drive, eat the ball very well. lines are thieves, to the COSCO Taiwan, and the horses carbon ratio, at the end of almost a little fresh, but the stalemate good, do not feel the control is not good, really good floor!
Ho Wood governs our sun and the moon2010-03-16 22:18:52 +0000 #3
Louzhu good. Both backplanes are good, especially the MC2 crystal, pretty good, after understanding the imitation YEO. However, I tried to think less like: block shot being insipid, straight horizontal floor is to eat the ball to play with the first I played a far cry from the YEO. As for the T2, is an added carbon substrate, more light, suitable for playing fast-break, Lou Zhu would like to use words, we must remind ourselves Enhancing step, loop the ball Rafah, worth a try. I have a recommendation, Galaxy MC3, bottom than MC2 powerful, more solid feel, for the small ball control Louzhu helpful. But Lou Zhu is also necessary to improve themselves so that adapt themselves to bottom. Hope that helps ...



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