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Beginner tennis, the election, what kind of racket is good? ?

aimsdragon2010-03-18 06:10:29 +0000 #1
Next high school students, male, beginner tennis, and has crushed a long-term intention, it may also change later beat it, but still want to block a little better tempo. Therefore, I hope you give me a better price recommend block beat. Taobao to see the prince t440, 442 beat will say this is a beginners class recommendation, these do? Head Ti 4100,4200 also beat a class how what? In fact, 1000 - all OK I hope you look to the recommendation. Thanks! !
I'm not Haitao2010-03-18 06:24:57 +0000 #2
Xiaolao Di, Do not believe the so-called beginner recommended, as long as you are not a girl, there is a little bit of tennis talent, beginner's racket you take a week to play on the throw beat

beginner Just make sure the election

a film weight <310g, too heavy can cause muscle damage racket sports such as tennis elbow injury

2 film surface "95, is too small because of the racket beginner, can not ensure accurate control of the racket, easy to hit less than a sweet spot , getting a big racket surface for hands backhand, if you imagine Federer as handsome SLR, film surface not greater than 100.

3 film depends on the severity of the first individual's style of play and strength, remade the first for its own forces are relatively weak, the need for leveraging the racket those who tap the first on their own strength is relatively small, so the need for more hair strength athletes.


which three beat you sure have seen from many places, there are a lot of people had recommended that the three beat I have used, is the real fight from the novice to the master's tempo.

Rather than buying a beginner with a week wanted to throw the shot, so why not buy an all recommend a good shot, with the, you know how did these few beat is seen as the classic! !

This three beat in Taobao reputable merchants, prices are lower than 1,000 yuan.
Ai 昵 宀 Bei2010-03-18 06:47:35 +0000 #3
If you are a first contact with the sport of rackets does not require the pursuit of good in general on the line

Sometimes a good racket still could not grasp the performance of

is also not to say that insisted on the price of what to pursue as long as the smoothly on the trip with the most important thing is to find a racket to suit their needs on the OK 啦

on which professional athletes are not necessarily for their racket racket than the amateur athletes of high prices are not the same for each person's racket, but technology has far exceeded the Amateur this is that they can find a suitable for their own tempo, in a racket that is their own and others try not to share
violent husband spent2010-03-18 06:59:54 +0000 #4
beginners with tennis rackets. . First of all cards in hand to Dayong 100-110. . And then to light to prevent tennis elbow is also the best choice .. light .. almost like the first film. . You go and see. . Best to go to physical store. . Such a relatively intuitive feeling. . 1000 - bought more than sufficient! !
shingkit2010-03-18 07:58:10 +0000 #5
Wilson K-factor Blade Tour. In Hong Kong last year, less than 900 yuan to buy special.

You may think this is Federer racket used in the past, beginners appropriate? 93 sq in there is the problem?

I think you suppress Since there are relatively long-term plans, must be very like the tennis are also some good potential, the direct use of the film school no problem. Is mainly used to more attention from the beginning, hit points, do not need to beat but also to adapt to change in future. And the beat is really good, very good shock absorption, control, very good, highly recommended. Furthermore, using the same racket and Federer school ball, feels fantastic!
adret26882010-03-18 08:07:11 +0000 #6
If the budget in 1000 -, for high school age boys, there are a lot of choices. Improvement of a few above you are in the low-end, letters were lower than the lower ones. I think you should have a better choice;

I recommend is:

Babolat Drive Z Lite;

Head S3;

Wilson K Factor KCourt;



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