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yeo and stiga oc of the election which

zhilong592010-03-18 13:11:36 +0000 #1
I am straight, and now want to buy a floor, trying to yeo and stiga oc selected one! Please have used these two under the floor of the master said that the two plates which is better to play more, at the end of Jin is greater!

Hitting sound which would be very crisp!

Is mainly at the end of Jin feet, hit the ball crisp sound!
hanleizhangli2010-03-18 13:21:25 +0000 #2
I have been using YE and OC. YEO read, the structure and design with YE similar material difference.

YE of the attack and control the super-close to the table, while the OC on the feeling has gone too far, because at the end of the relationship between fresh enough.

In close to the table, YE quick, but the OC a lot worse in this regard, because YE heavy-weight ratio, so it greatly affected the speed of swing, the Middle sights on Taiwan and the speed advantage relative to YE shaken None Cun. YE plates and used grab pull down the first-turn spin is also.

COSCO Taiwan loop-based, YE backward in a large portion of 0C in the Yuan-tai arc circle, it is obvious to feel the constant stream of abundant OC stretch, YE Yuan-tai, very difficult, and need a big fat edge and increase the friction elements to ensure upward arc and power. Can be said that the difference between rocks and shells.

YEO relatively YE, surface material is more rigid, arms control requirements within the higher power levels a little thicker, but also to a certain extent strengthened close to the table speed and strength far from Taiwan. As a long distance loop, I do not it say.

In addition, I was transported to YE with 22 # 42 degrees blue sea sponge, as well as the crazy two single-rubber, my personal feeling, so as to play a YE in close to the table the characteristics of a more violent, far NTU is also issued when the force be able to speed. But with mad 340 degrees, the desks do not speed, close to the table without threats, Yuan-tai, not force. The same mad 340 paste it into the OC on the loop enough to turn much on the impress of Taiwan. 42 degrees on the sponge did not paste it into the OC tried, the effect should be good.

Nearly Taiwan quick attack and control-oriented, the election YEO, beyond Taiwan, the main loop, the election OC. I like to play when the game close to the table, they still are more used to YE. (The name of the name only to find they have to be playing close to the table, previously felt that they are loop player, He He)
huquan1592010-03-18 13:41:15 +0000 #3
yeo is to a very classic candybar, performance is very comprehensive, close to the table outstanding performance, horizontal play is also good, and then five more hard wood in the count. But back to Taiwan at the end of a little less than fresh.

OC is to a very classic arc floor is a loop weapon, if you loop more than fast-break vote for him is very good, but the OC has been a weak backhand, which requires you to step very quickly, are a strong hand.

So you have to being a very prominent election OC, more comprehensive then the election YEO

As for the voices of OC is more crisp and then passed on to Taiwan at the end of his enthusiasm is greater
YE Feng Zi Jin2010-03-18 13:43:31 +0000 #4
Jin is definitely the end of OC to say ah, but should OC make good use of it is difficult to have a certain hair loop-based capability is relatively demanding YEO Well is much more comprehensive easy to use so to speak on the YEO beginners master the bar with the OC will have the feeling Yijizhiming
pxf89311972010-03-18 14:21:08 +0000 #5
friend, former 3L views are correct, but your question did not say what you need is a racket. You say: "The key is the end of Jin feet, hitting crisp sound!" To, OC it to meet its requirements, but the former on the third floor with the moderator who is clearly the OC is able to shake their hands folded pieces of the loop machine it? OC's loop drive really horrible, but the moderator may be close to the table play, YEO sounds stuffy than the OC of the points, but you get my OC to smash a few to listen to this? Hehe. Moderators pull the ball if (loop) as the main means of attack, and the like, then ran, OC is the best choice. Moderator If it is close to the table grab red, fast-arc, then he might use YEO it, Hehe.
wenxiangshang2010-03-18 14:45:30 +0000 #6
are very good floor, it is recommended you choose Jasaka YEO, this is a classic beat Jasaka, 08 Beijing Olympic Games men's singles champion Ma Lin is to use the Jasaka YEO enhanced version of this piece of floor is characterized by a great "sweet spot" (sweet spot racket face is the effective hitting area. sweet spot to give you enough power, sex and a solid batting the ball. When you hit the ball with the sweet spot, you'll feel very comfortable, with a small shock and vibration.)

feel very good, and the rubber match up with different compatibility of good enough quality is to pull the ball well controlled, there is a price a little expensive, If you have enough silver, it is a very good choice.



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