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Galaxy K5 with what kind of rubber? ?

yeling72682010-03-23 04:10:11 +0000 #1
I am straight arc play fast, like equipped with rubber suitable for me, I like to play violent, non-filling glue, would like to use internal energy, and wants to pull a switch loop, with which is better? Domestic imports of rubber can be selected, I thank you enthusiastic friend! !
Sander brutality2010-03-23 04:17:56 +0000 #2
Milky Way-type K5 is a super-speed backplanes, out of the ball quickly, block shot, and smash a powerful, taking into account the stability.

Mainstream Hurricane series should be filling gel, which can be made of the best is 729-08, and very suitable for Lou Zhu's play, described as follows:

According to the new ITTF regulations to intellectual property research ,729-08 sets of rubber rubber adhesive inherited the unique features of 729 to meet the unique particle structure, Taiwan and manufacture of rotating within the shells hit performance second to none. 729-08 sets the unique sponge rubber formula design, excellent resilience, the ball is the world's best, significantly increasing the Cosco sets of pull to attack power. Meanwhile, the maximum reduction in the sponge in the beating in the process of decay, so that fat edge performance and stalemate to achieve the ultimate in stability, great forehand attack capability, allowing you to hit the ball in a larger context of the performance has been progressive enhancement; stylish new design makes the appearance of the overall image of This offering a step forward.

Specific technical parameters:

thickness :2.1-2 .2 mm Hardness: 45/47/49

Speed: 11 Rotation: 12 Control: 11 Preshoot of: 12


1, Galaxy K-5: Layer Number 5 +2, weight 84g, thickness 7.0mm, is the Galaxy series, the fastest blue-fang of a carbon, suitable for fast-break style of play.

2,729-08: As the paste straight rubber Go out a space, but not necessarily a specific number of remaining, it is difficult to do straight sets of the weight of plastic, but overweight is certainly not possible. Normally about 90g. 3, relatively speaking, even with the sticky gum rubber in foreign countries are generally partial astringent nature of domestic plastic viscosity are generally partial, so the general Chinese-style play are still using Chinese-made plastic is more suitable, of course, also very good Jin Koujiao . Unless enthusiast or professional team, the general feeling is not bad a lot of fans.

4, Louzhu obviously enthusiasts, these proposals try to play and see what more suited to their specific re-set, After all, everyone's play, features are not the same, can not be generalized.
1_8li2010-03-23 04:33:14 +0000 #3
Hurricane 3
mad Biao, Bao2010-03-23 05:15:36 +0000 #4
729 series of the Teana is the internal energy without filling plastic. Beyond is to use Teana sponge. The wind was blasting the ball. Suited to burst. Cosco Taiwan has the power. Rubber adhesive a good strong rotation . on more than 30 blocks of the higher price. If the funds than adequate, I just use 72908 sets of rubber. the ball wind Madden. very flexible. well suited to fast break. is very sharp. Coach just told me to change. This set of rubber are commercially available and Province sets. commercially available is 85. packing boxes. Province sets of more than 100 bar. packing simple. proposes province sets. 咱 not bad money.
shouhushen82010-03-23 05:12:15 +0000 #5 asp? boardid = 19 & id = 44045

my hand Galaxy K5, using a hardness greater peach gum, designed to push the dang, the effect is good

729-2 in hand with the new set of rubber, the backhand is the Palio cj8000, feels really good

I have a book " Galaxy Professional Table Tennis Equipment Product Catalog ", is a local equipment shop MM gave me. According to the note, K4 is the imitation Bohr's, K6 is the imitation butterfly king. The K5's a bit like the carbon structure.

Carbon plate affixed F1



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