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Tennis Serve mistakes

Chun-sheng, good news2010-03-23 06:10:09 +0000 #1
Li Na yesterday to see the Australian Open and Venus Williams saw a large-wai serve over the net after the ball is also a (not rub Network) Why is the referee serve to resend it is invalid? Then again it did not serve over the net are also not the two serving errors and lose points

What kind of situation? Please list the specific rules

What are foul ball when the foul which of these count in the two lost points on a foul which is not?

Please understand that a friend to say a few words, or the rules set out in the relevant parts of all the tennis rules prohibiting COPY Otherwise they would be not to the sub-
Tennis fans charged a small Germany2010-03-23 06:20:39 +0000 #2
Hello, I watched the match, but do not know what you said in this sub-bureau says about your situation, but I would like to look at a few:

1. Li Yi Fa at the Serena is not ready when, and to indicate the other party, but Serena did not look that the ball made, after the referee asked to see Serena again Yi Fa (this possibility relatively large)

2. can not be a foot wrong (tee time step on the line), the decision is wrong foot ball failure, a fat foot wrong to continue to the second hair, two hair-pin mistaken directly lose any points. Serena's mouth foul language still remember the door, right? Fa step on the line given away two match points, it is the classic example.

3. There are examples of a foul ball when the racket hit the ball out of hand, there are times Novak Djokovic hands sweat too much because of the racket thrown into each other directly to the venue. . .

4. On the third floor, said two points are all wrong, serve and failed to bat the ball did not hit a foul ball, heavy hair can be deliberately delay the game, except
shenluxi1232010-03-23 06:20:57 +0000 #3
(1) serve before the provisions of

hair ball player should be preceded by standing on end line, the midpoint and the edges of the assumption that the area between the extension, the hand-toss the ball into the air in any direction, the ball touch the ground before the ball with the racket (only with one hand athletes can be used racket ball toss). Racket contact with the ball, even if the completion of sending the ball.

(2) A tee ball program, each game I made the players should be the venue of the right half court from the beginning, the rotation stood behind the right-half area to serve. If the serve is from the wrong half region, and has not been given notice, then the ball from the wrong caused by the results of the competition will be valid. But this is not the correct stations once they are discovered should be immediately corrected.

B should be given the ball over the net, in the next before the players hit each other's serve the area on the ground, or on the boundaries of any component on the service area.

(3) serve as a driving mistake

the following error:

A player violates the rules, if issued 7,8, or 9 (B) any part of;

B if he tried to play when you can not hit;

C, if the issuer before touchdown, the ball hit the fixture (excluding the net, the center belt or mesh belt).


In a second serve after serve errors (if it is the first mistake), made the players should start the same mistakes he found the back half of the provisions of locations Zaifayici. If the first time the ball must be a mistake from the wrong half the time of issue, in accordance with the provisions of Rule 9, made the players must be from the other half behind the ball and only a chance.

(5) rotation of

serve in the first serve in the deciding game of that player (or doubles in which pairs of players) in the next set before the start of the return of serve.

(6) serve the order of

in the first game after the players then the players should be made, the players should be the next player made; and demolished the entire game behind the exchange of all offices in the sequence. If a player serves the wrong order, it should be round and serve the athletes in the wrong one was found immediately after the ball, in which the score before the error was found effective. In this situation the error was found in a faulty service is not be counted. If the error was found before the error has ended, then the ball behind the order of the press has changed in sequential order.


serve touches the net after the ball is invalid, still serve the region fell to the other side; pick the ball players are not ready to get prepared; should be re-serve.

(8), made the position players begin each round, first from right end line after a goal area, or is missing one point, it should be changed to serve the left area. Should be given the ball crossed the line, fell on the other side opposite to serve the district, or the surrounding chains.

(9) tee time for the players made the players should be ready later next tee. If the latter tried to fight back tee believes that he was ready. However, if the next player to make one, he was not ready, he can not ask serve a mistake because it did not serve the ball within the limits of access to a fixed venue
terriblefred2010-03-23 07:31:09 +0000 #4
Louzhu wait for the next, and so I ask my father to come back under him, he is experts in this field

but you can provide more detailed and accurate details of the Mody?

Yesterday, I also read the game, but did not pay attention to this place, this is the first of several set it happen?

Is the number of what Council did it happen?
cf9162010-03-23 07:19:34 +0000 #5
this game I did not see, however, does not mean the ball over the net has given the strike (out of service area), most certainly did not serve over the net error.

Serving the process there is a foul. Foot wrong (tee step on the line, over the center line, etc.)

2. Drop errors. (If you have swing after the ball toss ball moves, but did not hit the ball, but also serve errors)
bsuwd2010-03-23 07:09:06 +0000 #6
Louzhu able to say specifically what disk Which Council? By Lou Zhu description, may be the first serve, sending and receiving player is not ready, or there is another ball into space, resulting in retransmission.
Love never lost2010-03-23 07:05:09 +0000 #7
should be a foot wrong or a ball went into a bar service area.
YOU embroidery2010-03-23 06:53:03 +0000 #8
and playing badminton, as in serving must be made over a line, or serve invalid. Serve pairs of error was not penalized.

Sent the ball over the net should be in the next before the players hit each other's serve the district on the ground, or on the boundaries of any component on the service area.

If the issue before touchdown, the ball hit the fixture (excluding the net, the center belt or mesh belt), also considered errors.

Ball touches the net, will still serve the area fell on the other side; pick the ball players are not ready to get prepared; should be re-serve.
8 Feathers2010-03-23 09:28:24 +0000 #9
You can see in this sub-network is the rub.

Specific rules of the bar to see the above copy.
Treasure of the Sierra 6 clock Excalibur2010-03-23 07:29:29 +0000 #10
rub rub no live television network not be seen, the referee said to be re-issued that contains a lot of meaning: such as cleaning network, then the players hands are not ready and sent the ball, we must sentenced to be resent. Under normal circumstances, a guide will explain the meaning of re-issued, but the rub of network re-issued many guides can not always explain it again. So you say that the situation is not to explain our guide. I watch the game have also experienced this situation.



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