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Deng Yaping's spin master Jin,,

670,294,7222010-03-24 00:12:10 +0000 #1
Deng Yaping is not to have a tee is to bat the ball standing on the side of the stage and then the ball bounced into the desktop first, and then projected into the racket to another ball on the table seems to be wiping his racket over the last spin the ball is very handsome with expert know? Enlighten
things slow then round2010-03-24 00:17:08 +0000 #2
It was cutting-serve (squat tee)

Because the action fast, with a feint before you think it is the first hit Taiwan from taking even one scene was shot.

Ball toss which stand upon the racket to the ball side of the cut, so that the ball quickly bounced into the counter of their past. Speed, arc weird.

Is probably the way ...



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