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Xu Xin-ping-pong with what the board is configured

oxo1232010-03-24 09:11:27 +0000 #1
Xu Xin-ping-pong with what the board is configured
Sareha2010-03-24 09:15:00 +0000 #2
Nano this year, Xu Xin, OC, is in hand "Hurricane 3" (State mad), backhand MARK V AD.

Nano-OC is like a little black elastic weakening of seven board's overall sense of a strong, percussive touch, very solid, whether it is made by pushing force bombs hit stall or are feeling. Because the thickness and the small plate surface causes deformation feeling weak, only being made when there are so strongly Preshoot slight deformation points, seven boards, like with the black reflection of the strength is relatively linear, not much larger sense. When power forward setting is hand-made feel a bit brittle shells, and the board like to eat the ball there is a kind of fiberboard "noodles to eat the ball" in hand feedback
huterx2010-03-24 09:39:00 +0000 #3
and Malin like Ya Saka's YEO forehand DHS special backhand MARK V AD
1_8li2010-03-24 09:56:17 +0000 #4



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