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wfk84222010-01-17 06:01:47 +0000 #1
Tennis scores Why is 15,30,40,

how the calculation, why after 30 years instead of 45.

shpd7132010-01-17 06:16:18 +0000 #2
because the most primitive of tennis originated in the palace, and would therefore scoring local materials. You can toggle the clock to get the points, each will get a sub-clock rotation quarter, which is 15 minutes (a quarter, a moment), Similarly, the clock will have two points to 30 points, of course, All are based on the basis of their convenience. This is 15 points, 30 points in the origin.

For 40 minutes, it is more strange, it is not a multiple of 15. This is because in English, 15 min pronounced "fifteen", as the pairs of syllables, while the 30 points pronounced "thirty", is also a two-syllable;, but 45 minutes, English pronounced "forty-five", into three syllables, when the British people feel a little awkward-sounding, does not meet the "convenience" principle, then put it into a double-syllable with 40 points (forty). This is what seems illogical for the origin of 40 points.

Although such scoring seems strange, but still follow the tradition still in use today, after all, we have become accustomed to this from the palace of the marking scheme.


1. A Board

(a) each win a ball is worth 1 point, 4 points wins the first victory by a bureau.

(2) Both sides had each won a three time-sharing to "split", split after the victory margin of two is divided into a bureau.

2. 1

(1) a party to win the first six Board to win one.

(2) the parties have each won five bureaux, one party wins margin of two Board for a

3. Tiebreaker scoring system

in each disk Bureau is 6 usually has the following two kinds of scoring system.

(1) Long drive system: one side margin of two wins a Bureau.

(2) a short drive system (tie-break): deciding set, except, unless otherwise specified before the game in general should follow the following approach to the implementation.

A. served 7 pm the winner the council and the disk (if the score of 6 normal times, the party will have a net 2 points).

B. The first starter-fat, subsection 1, the ball, the other party made the first 2,3 minutes the ball, and then in turn made two-point shot until the end of the game.

C. 1-point shot made in the right area, the first two-point shot made in the left area, the first 3-point shot made in the right area.

D. Every six hours the end of the ball and gaming venues must be exchanged.

4. Short in the scoring system

(1) Section 1 ball (0-0), made the players made a sub-A ball, a ball-point shot after the change.

(2) Section 2,3 goals (reported 1:0 or 0:1, 15:0, or 12:15 and not reporting it), from B tee, B bursts of two hours after the change of service the ball, starting with the left area serve .

(3) Section 4,5 goals (reported 3:0 or 1:2,2:1, not reporting 40:0 or 15:30, 30:15), from A ball, A, after firing two goals for After serving for serving, start with the left area serve.

(4) Section 6,7 goals (reported 2:4,4:2 or 1:5,5:1 or 3:3 or 6:0,0: 6), made a point shot from the B after the exchange of venue If the game had not been completed, B continue to issue the first seven balls.

(5) scores hit 5:5,6:6,7:7,8:8 ... ... should be subject to consecutive two points can decide who pays the winner. However, in a unified scoring table is written as 7:6.

(6) Once on shore, after the deciding game, players change ends the Israeli side.



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