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Tennis Elbow 10-day break will be all right?

silkrug2010-03-25 02:10:28 +0000 #1
10 days I stopped playing tennis elbow will naturally right?
Tim character of juvenile Heart2010-03-25 02:12:36 +0000 #2
The first look at the severity of your bar. Tennis elbow is a relatively long-term illness, humeral epicondylitis, it is not playing tennis, they are not taking medication. Hope that the following information will help to you at the same time Should the convenience of consulting a doctor is also a way to:

a doctor based on specific circumstances, to develop individualized treatment programs, treatment aims to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of places to avoid recurrence.

90% of the non-surgical treatment of tennis elbow can be to achieve a satisfactory effect, particularly in the early tennis elbow, or the beginning of hair, through the following non-surgical treatment measures can eliminate symptoms, to accept and adhere to functional rehabilitation exercises to avoid relapse.

① non-surgical treatment of rest: activity to avoid pain, the pain will not disappear before the exercise, especially tennis.

② ice: ice lateral elbow 1 week, 1 day 4 times, one time 15-20 minutes. Do not ice ice towel to avoid frostbite skin contact with the skin.

③ medication: aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers (such as blowing phenol, etc.).

④ brace: the use of pressure in the forearm resistance protective gear, you can restrict the power generated by forearm muscle.

⑤ Hyperthermia: Only return to physical activity (movement) when the use of hyperthermia, hyperthermia therapy and exercise used in preparatory activities before the stretch.

⑥ Pulling Therapy: When the acute pain disappears as soon as directed by your doctor began to gently pull the elbow and wrist, do not pain to keep pulling the state for 10 seconds and repeat six times.

⑦ strength training: According to doctor's advice to strengthen the wrist extensor muscle strength training.

⑧ the gradual return of movement: According to the doctor's advice, began to exercise sports (work activities) need to arm exercise (such as pumping tennis balls, golf swing, the action painter, etc.).

⑨ cortisone partial closure: site-specific injection of cortisone in the elbow can be anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relief. The injection site, time interval, the number of demanding, very particular about having experienced physician to proceed carefully.

If the surgical treatment of advanced or refractory tennis elbow tennis elbow, after a formal conservative treatment for six months to 1 year later, the symptoms are still severe, affecting their living and working can take surgery. Minimally invasive surgical methods have arthroscopic surgery and trauma is not a big open surgery is meant to necrosis, unhealthy organization, improvement or reconstruction of local blood circulation, so that tendon and bone healing.
yeyingf1172010-03-25 02:58:16 +0000 #3
key, or from the root to solve the problem, the reason why tennis elbow will appear, your swing, non-standard unreasonable to correct your swing is the key



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