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Double Happiness Samsung ball filled with a pack of three will do is to fake urgent! !

Extreme Travel2010-03-26 02:11:08 +0000 #1
My buying online when the floor smoothly bought six boxes filled with DHS Samsung ball beat him today and the coach said that my ball does not circle the ball to him and said I was a contrast to coach the ball is a fake I said in the elite It has also found ways to distinguish the authenticity of the ball I bought from the Internet is indeed the ball the ball than I have in hand (to play games get a prize) is not the same as DHS relatively short word without my clear and sellers, he insisted that the next communication the ball is true and said that a box filled with three is false, only a box of six packs in the end do what is really really do not have a box filled with three to play, but I do get, ah, this is also false do But I also have faith in the seller, he said, directly from the original holding, and I bought from him was really a good fight parallel backplane also gives a very good read is positive, but through and seller exchange I feel pretty good to others I do not want random people wrongly accused, but I do not understand anything that will only Lianqiu please help out bar

Sander brutality2010-03-26 02:24:37 +0000 #2
Samsung here to buy a box of 3 balls are filled with, at least we In recent years this region dedicated table tennis inside the store also are based on three main installed, but there are six packs.

Double Happiness and Beas products on the market has been volatile with each other. Double Happiness sell a good start for some time after the DHS quality will drop, and then everyone would have to buy the Beas, and then over time the quality of Pisces began to decline, while the DHS's again good quality, and DHS then everyone would buy again. This is with the speed of their production. Will buy a little more quality.

So we change brands that have been used, but often encounter a row to buy a dozen boxes are not round, we put a circle and then do not buy or give students low-cost. Hei hei. Round for themselves.

Recommended to buy a small ball, go to physical stores to buy, if not circular, physical store can return to the mixing plant. Is also more convenient.
Yi Best2010-03-26 02:50:05 +0000 #3
DHS Samsung ball six packs. Pisces 3-planet is three packs.
317.23497 million2010-03-26 03:16:23 +0000 #4
No 3 box, and only six boxed, and perhaps into the table tennis that the seller is a parallel, it may have been cheated, the seller, if this box table tennis is not your words. Let us forget, but next time do not go there to buy a ping-pong! ! ! !
wsy_jackey2010-03-26 03:52:24 +0000 #5
DHS 12 stars only six packs

Double Happiness 3 Star only 3 packs

can not be said that if it is true a few packs of

to buy time to try

throw in a seamless sound no abnormality light to see a clear hot-hand under an atmospheric pressure interface of a sense of this and 12 stars marked clearly marked color difference between the estimated comfortable online is false proposal the ball after the other on-line buying



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