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DoctorYao2010-03-26 02:11:29 +0000 #1
Why China Girls on the net was so strong and men. . . ? Countries are currently the focus of this training does not do?
Gone with the Wind monsoon2010-03-26 02:27:00 +0000 #2
countries will only focus on training a promising team, no hope no culture, no culture no hope ... ... iterative.

In fact, and national culture does not necessarily linked, or Chinese male gymnasts strength is too weak. This is not only China's problem, the whole of Asia have. Asia is relatively low level of men's tennis is currently the highest ranked singles Chinese Taipei's Lu, only the first 101. Chinese men net current ranking (Top 5) are: Zeng Shaoxuan 328, GONG Mao-Xin 546, Chang 589, Di 689, Sun Peng 724.
LAIJIAKUN00012010-03-26 03:01:29 +0000 #3
men's soccer is much better than that!



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