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Chung benzyl insect ②2010-03-26 15:11:39 +0000 #1
"Masters Cup" is not referring to the nine Masters champion? "Masters" is not referring to the former Grand Slam quarter-final match?
guaishouenglan2010-03-26 15:21:59 +0000 #2
Tennis Masters Cup (TennisMastersCup) is a tennis tournament, held at the end of each year, participants are then ranked men's tennis ATP Champions (ATPChampionRace) top eight players. However, according to Masters Cup rules, ranked eighth in the ATP Champions players will not necessarily be eligible for entry. If a player is one of the year and the four Grand Slam titles among the top 20 or less (but ranked eighth away), then he can replace the eighth player into the Masters Cup, but if more than one Players meet the above conditions in order to champion ranked higher as a priority. With other men's tour is different from Tennis Masters Cup is not a system of direct elimination tournament. But all eight players are divided into two groups of four people, with team single round robin format in which each player must be with the other players in this group once the fighting hand to hand. Each team has the best scores of the top two semi-finals, then semi-finals of the winners to compete for the championship.

2008 held in Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup is the history of the last Tennis Masters Cup, in 2009, the Tennis Masters Cup was renamed as "ATP World Tour Finals", and moved to London, England.
8 Feathers2010-03-26 15:45:48 +0000 #3
"Masters Cup" is the end of the year a summary of the game, and only when the world's top players to participate in Pate. Substitute 2, according to ranking recurrence. Upstairs talked about specific competitions. The nature of the equivalent of an all-star show.

"Masters" is a nine-specific events throughout the year. Points in the points 500 points before the reform. Today After the reform, there is no Masters that name, and unified called atp1000 events, points promoted to 1000. Check the table of about 64 ranges. And the Grand Slam quarter-finals without much relation.



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