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My table tennis bat floor too hard, how can paste rubber?

agm86c2010-03-27 08:10:28 +0000 #1
My racket is the Tibhar Samsonov Carbon Huang, beat quite expensive, but using them too hard, it is not touch, the ball could not pull on the hair the ball does not turn, can only be hit, I heard that the soft rubber can be changed to solve the problem, it should be affixed Which sets of plastic it can pull the ball? Still have to re-buy a racket?
_ _ destroy God2010-03-27 08:13:07 +0000 #2
tell Louzhu Unfortunately, if the Louzhu arc flows in Asia, please use this board a good collection. If Lou Zhu is a strong flow in Europe, that should be treasured. Louzhu can try the focus of two forehand, the backhand focus on three sets of this kind of soft plastic. Hardness degree view, the lower the better, 729 to 38 degrees below, such as the focus of three of 38 degrees. Or a jacket, a coat made of soft than most.

Is estimated that 39 degrees Hurricane Louzhu hard enough for you. Suddenly remembered the 19 sponge inorganic Hurricane 3. Although discontinued, but because DHS took the stiffness of the sponge 19 so that the hardness of 35-38 degrees, very soft.

Back to the original six buildings, a new focus for three lowest 38 degrees, this is the most soft and hard 729 degrees, but I do not rule out a more soft. The photo shows the focus of the next 38 degrees 3.
Ljgjj7272010-03-27 08:50:10 +0000 #3
a good use of table tennis racket is not necessarily more expensive, but for him to play for athletes, that is, you say feel. If you feel the floor too hard, to seek rubber sponge to make up for lack of it is just a psychological balance, I suggest you replace floor, to try to use your racket around the ball of Friends, sometimes inadvertently found very suitable for you ones.
1_8li2010-03-27 08:52:43 +0000 #4
Hurricane 3 sets of plastic, 39-degree
mad Biao, Bao2010-03-27 08:23:04 +0000 #5
General hard rubber bottom with a little chaos. Is mad hand 39-degree 3. Backhand with the focus of 3 729. Or Butterfly Fx.
Danny_20062010-03-27 09:50:49 +0000 #6
flying off2010-03-27 10:33:39 +0000 #7
No 30 a few degrees of the 729 sets of plastic, the smallest seems to be 42, the highest 49. It is used with another DHS Shore hardness of different standards, to remind the fifth floor of a friend. The proposed change is both backhand Butterfly Sriver, just as the fifth floor of a friend said, you both sides of the board for Europe-based players with great force, and therefore with soft-shell jacket, while the Butterfly Sriver the company I think it is the best choice. Can first look at results for a dozen interviews, no (It should not be will not do) only for the bottom. Taobao price of more than 100 can buy, be careful not to say the Maidaojiahuo another store called the Little Wotou xue, very good!
guyue_19892010-03-27 11:08:47 +0000 #8
paste DHS Tianji series, you can try, I used to have problems like you spent a lot of problems that can ease to share to you, and ineffective, then come to me accounts



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