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Like with a beat, please give the ball-point proposal of Friends

To rush to the delay2010-03-29 20:10:49 +0000 #1
person's circumstances, straight, primary level, Pen Wang beat loop, the board did not want to be too heavy, I have the non-power-type player, priced at 200 or so, thank you!
huquan1592010-03-29 20:24:10 +0000 #2
Milky Way MC2, a performance was very comprehensive backplanes, rubber 729-2 forehand, backhand Focus 3200 following practical unsinkable
pxf89311972010-03-29 20:27:28 +0000 #3
Online Amoy a Galaxy W6 bar, Wang Guang beat that, with the feeling okay, 80 grams, after the loop-back Taiwan up to much effect. The import of around 200 yuan to buy a racket on the other, they buy less than nice.
YE Feng Zi Jin2010-03-29 21:24:14 +0000 #4
Stiga S3000 board 110 Tianyi backhand forehand Hurricane 3 200 board just pure quality wood suitable for beginners is much better than the domestic brands
cpa · mydream2010-03-29 21:34:21 +0000 #5
Lou Zhu Lou Zhu good

First, I felt a bit small board can not determine the severity of errors is due to a heavy board the power players such as seven-thick wood is generally more suited to heavier, but close to the table is not generally used in the power-based players like the oc ah this board is thin and light weight of the power-type player with the , ah

Louzhu cases I recommend the Galaxy u-1 Comparison of the absolute utility of violence being the arc is relatively low-speed fast backhand block shot is really soft

mc-2 block shot hit the main, if not straight horizontal or straight is not recommended practical At the same time there is no threat to block shot inability to defend difficult

sets of plastic recommend forehand backhand new 729-2

Leo cj8000

price of about 100 +40 +25 "200 to a relatively high initial level of the operator to configure a

is not recommended to use Louzhu Hurricane

In addition Louzhu configuration are made with less risk and lower-priced counterfeit goods stores find it troublesome if the entity can be a good network to buy let him stick
Flying Customer2010-03-29 22:31:13 +0000 #6
I am against the U1, support the MC-2, U1's reputation and cost-effective than MC -2 Chaitai Duo. Say that MC-2 block shot soft, do you have played? Anyway, I tried it did not feel soft. Block shot on the weakness of this tactic if they want to push for an amateur hair easy to mistake, it does not exist block shot weak problem. Say block shot is weak, Marlene used Jasaka is also based on loop-based, block shot is not strong, people can still prevent a positive level, as Wang Hao as the ball backhand loop. MC-2 block shot does not weak, but not so thick wood-based panels 7. Forehand can be 729-8 or 729-2, the former better backhand with Tianyi bar, the price of a coke enough I bought three blocks of 729-8, and backhand to spend so much money doing? Is equipped with a good forehand Wang, Tianyi is also comfortable with the. Go online to buy it, cheap, nor the price of the fakes, cost will be losses, called the boss send over good sticky. What else do not understand the private chat, I QQ245298145, Yang Miao answer!
hanleizhangli2010-03-29 22:25:56 +0000 #7
Palio 100 floor around like crazy 3, we paste mad 3, Xiangui ,729-2, could, Wang to fight need to pick a high block of soft shells, CJ800 can be.

I college coaches to teach young children learn table tennis is so with the

Galaxy beat are hard and brittle, not suitable for beginners, off beat too fast, eating the ball is not deep enough.
danwei72132010-03-29 22:10:12 +0000 #8
Do not use seven laminates

has decided to loop the direction of the laminate with 5

Do not say no amateur amateur, and technologies are regular, and can win is not necessarily fun
Prisoner Apollo2010-03-29 23:06:19 +0000 #9
straight, then I suggest you Galaxy M2, Double Happiness Tian Ji 3 forehand, the backhand 729 Tianyi, probably a little more than 200 yuan. The balance of the loop configuration and cross-play. And is not heavy. If 7-story, horizontal play may be more trouble. Either cl or U1, weight is too large and not suitable for cross-play.
1996gg2010-03-30 00:07:58 +0000 #10
board can not determine the severity of player power is the power-type weight has nothing to do with the tempo and rhythm
Michael Bolt2010-03-29 23:20:49 +0000 #11
I think it is best not to use the beginner mc2, too soft, easy to open plastic. Recommended Galaxy m6, being mad 3, Hurricane backhand fake, but the focus of a multi-



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