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How to use head MG pro (98 surface 325 grams) L6?

wish5212010-03-30 19:10:08 +0000 #1
New L6 is very excited to start, ah, last night spent two hours. Referring to the next feeling.

Racket: 98 surface -325 grams - Bulk line (I do not know what brand, elastic good 17, Picture-Line 56 pounds).

Feel: 1. Solid, really solid, making sense of shock is very small, just a strong voice. 2. Racket head speed significantly higher than before the shoot with a lot slower, not waving unhappy, does not require fast, powerful, a little ball on the Chudi Xian. This feeling of the ball contact time with the beat than ever before to be used in PD time is short, the spin clearly not sufficient. Tried it against all the pairs of errors, not out of bounds is the net. Safin could not find the double anti-sense ah. . . Not as good as the previous break a good beating. A significant relationship with the speed of swing. 3. Cutting, feeling too cool, and a low and deep, are not willing to fight double-backward. Before cutting with the PD simply makes no sense to contribute to, not the net is very shallow, and now find themselves cutting L6 still in very good shape. 4. Tee, my level is very times, but made a clicking feeling, L6 ball pretty cool do not need the full, playing quasi-ball definitely fast. Yes, yes. 5. With regard to hand-bowl, beat more than two hours last night, today there is little discomfort. Sense of PD is more than the previous effort not tired hands, arms, wrist. 6. With the L6 I found a sense of hitting sections Minato changed. It does not should be. 7. I'll intend to shoot with the L6 is not changed, and used a friend to talk briefly about the proposed. I can start playing in 2009 6, 178,75 kg, the level of 2.5-3.0 bar. Are interested in sharing with the look.

Z123 tiger2010-03-30 19:23:22 +0000 #2
to the conditions of your body with MG Pro, somewhat reluctantly a little. This is probably 1-2 months after you use the sense of gradually evident, particularly in the physical decline stage.

As for the PD transfer L6 93, this is indeed not a small span. Not surprisingly, then, your attack will be weaker than in the past, the stability will be reduced. However, this gradually increase the technical requirements of their own, objectively speaking, can help you to excel.

Racket does not talk, in use. Recommendation 2 months later they would come to talk about the experience bar. The new knife to use, has always been excited to say infinite. Welcome to Friends of the exchange here, with the ball:



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