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`` `Please buy a table tennis bat expert to help me analyze analysis

mc_keel12010-03-31 12:11:55 +0000 #1
I was close to the table fast break type of ...

because of fighting with the Beas Samsung technology is good for a few years .. .. .. Now I miss home and has the foundation to buy the Galaxy T -2 + 2 + Hurricane Hurricane 3 ..... no .. do not know the right people say that because of the web 2 and 3 will be used together will in fact be a very heavy weight .. do .. than three weeks prior to use and that heavier Beas. .. I do not know who is re ...

intend to shoot down 250 yuan or so the whole bar is not surprising that different .. because I like the close to the table also likes to pull the ball spin fast break. and the kick-off is spin (I opened quite spin rotation of the) .. So, I choose 2 and 3 crazy .. I afraid of expert analysis of the heavy .. please ... if the characteristics of bad according to my .. what a result of the changes.
zhaolizhang2002010-03-31 12:24:31 +0000 #2
I am also mad 2 +3, feeling okay! Mad two anti-spin, which is perfect close to the table fast break, elasticity is estimated that you want to meet a few days! I beat the line something happens you can ask me more!
Labrador Impossible2010-03-31 12:31:37 +0000 #3
is not too heavy bar, Hurricane 2,3 used.

"Together with 2 and 3 will be heavy," What kind of token, along with what would be heavier? Or two heavy, or 3 weight, or both, or do not re-weight. At least I did not feel too heavy, do not understand this to say.

T-2 not used, but used the other galaxy, the Milky Way looks like film are not too light, but can still bar. 250 money, thus more appropriate to the Milky Way Galaxy beat pretty good, the price is also considered fair. You can try another Galaxy beat, the general selling of all of the scale table tennis bats can be called a light point.

2 is not that crazy for you, unless you are a high level, and the crazy two strange, it is generally impervious to fight, and shoot you are losing control. Be regarded as the classic three rubber mad, and spent many years, very good. So, I suggest you mad three sides, preferably the provincial mad. Much stronger than ordinary hurricane.
otm442010-03-31 13:31:40 +0000 #4
1. the whole bit heavy, in the common set of crazy glue where the weight of three general, two is relatively heavy mad; However, if the horizontal plate and their strength enough, then this configuration can also be, if it is straight, then use them very difficult to

2. will not have the problem of uneven weight on both sides, the general weight of rubber both sides of the ball plate is different, and even a big difference (for example, anti-adhesive side of a long rubber side), with them simply do not feel out of

3. mad two very flexible, and if the good use of speed, rotation will be fast, but with the bad, then find it hard to control, touched the ball went out to buy before you consider a good

4.T2 Although the 3 wood 2 Carbon structure, but the deformation of a larger, more bias loop, if the play is a combination of fast arc, consider the Galaxy M6



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