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Right hand horizontally, bottom Galaxy M5 or M6, rubber how to configure a more reasonable?

Hhnhy2010-03-31 18:10:08 +0000 #1
Floor prepared to consider the M5 or M6 with Galaxy pure wood, rubber has several options: working on: 729 SST former member of the exclusive use of the new 729-2 ; backhand: 729 Focus 3 or Palio CJ8000.

Has been finished with a 729 shot 2060 (rubber is double SST). Now want to change the distribution of the film from the use, understanding a few days online, 7 layer of pure wood ready to use the board, because the point of pure wood better, more thought they also want some of the basics, I would like to be more pure wood appropriate it. Now form a very distinctive style of play yet, currently based in the nearby station, fast break, twist, backhand allocated the most commonly used, even Aila loop (because the total also pull bad, huh, huh). My current thinking is to strengthen the hand of the fast loop is and the dial and fast backhand the ball and quickly rub, do not know the spirit of the idea M5 and M6 which is more suitable I, how rubber and sponge with the most reasonable? Thank you!
Steel Wall Sports2010-03-31 18:16:32 +0000 #2
729-08, 729 backhand focus 3, is sticking anti-astringent, firm recommended standard 729

can be considered the latest Uranus U series, U1 U2 are good, compared to M5 is M6 for you. I have used them.
Sander brutality2010-03-31 18:57:26 +0000 #3
1, M5: seven pure wood, offensive ability, emphasis on attack and eat the ball deep, fast bounce for being rubber, raw rubber play. Speed 10, control 7, play for European-style attacks.

2, M6: Good point, fast, end strength sufficient. 9 speed, control 7, for Continental Loop Player.

The two compared, M5 too fast, or M6 is suitable LZ.

3, SST not used, -2 is the classic set of rubber, very good, suggested the use of -2. If the proposed conditional use mad or three. 4, the focus of glue 3 is astringent, performance is different from the commonly used sticky glue, the LZ is still used CJ8000 it.

Hey, I'll persists in the form, set the current 729 are organic glue, are not suitable for U2, but U2 inorganic set of rubber with regular potting can be powerful, more complex oh. And the original 210 yuan, cost-effective it might as MC2.



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