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Table Tennis reform

lm8865622010-04-01 04:10:39 +0000 #1
such as title, such as race to 11 points per game the system, if there is the table tennis smaller bar, why should we reform it
cpa · mydream2010-04-01 04:24:05 +0000 #2
landlord good

the big ball upstairs error (38mm to 40mm) of Xu Yinsheng (currently the honorary chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association when he was Chairman of the ITTF) did not pass the first time proposed to Sharara as President to change by only

big ball is to increase and enhance the tennis and the ornamental

changed 11 minutes should be targeted at China, a special 46 th World Table Tennis Championships Chinese Team in the reversal of Kim Taek Soo Liu Guozheng gives inspirational win ITTF certainly hope that South Korea is not hostile to China but to change South Korea's breakthrough

11 points should be said that China is detrimental to the Athens Olympics because of increased competition contingency (Ryu Seung Min) 47 th World Table Tennis Championships (Schlager) 07 World Cup (Boer) China lost men's singles gold medal with 11 points or 21 points are the words of the outcome hard to say the whole table tennis, but I think the pros and cons for the harm is to change people's understanding of table tennis for many years into 11 minutes of the benefit is to increase the intensity of the 11 fair share because the score was still not easy to pull

blocked a number of reforms such as driving without obvious adverse

Chinese Liu Guozheng, but I actually quite like 11 points and no block in the combined injury ruined Liu Guozheng

Olympic doubles to cancel such groups clearly aimed at China, at least ensure that the Chinese earn less silver and bronze medals

but I think the group more than doubles nice change of inorganic glue is not good for nothing

little impact on China now Sharara parameters proposed to limit the number of associations are clearly aimed at China before Sharara said the total avoidance is not directed against China but this time he explicitly said that the Chinese players are like a machine does not feature the words I think that's too no reason Wang Liqin Wang Hao Ma Lin of our Linghui Liu Guoliang Liu Guozheng which features ah Although Malone did not watch their poor play the point or stage of development, but The athletes had not come to form their own unique style not

but from watching the game is limit the number of times you can watch as the old Chinese people occupy the top four is no mean I still miss the 2000 Olympics Kong Linghui classic duel on the Lao Wa it is difficult to see because Chinese is a good thing, but strong foreign too weak

But to be honest did not play much effect the reform of foreign seemingly weaker the

I think we should have a good mindset has nothing to do with political reform, I think it is our national sport to the world is not necessary to see otherwise people are not playing that game ah well cultivated whom will also be invited out of the Olympics of golf that is very scary not to be invited you finally out of the Olympic Games came back

But I also object to the table tennis how to change beyond recognition what to do hey Huan take a very long way to go Oh Here Tamenyanjiu go
Shan Germany beast OK2010-04-01 04:33:21 +0000 #3
in 2000 when Gai is to the ball than was originally 38mm, it is 42mm.

Reform is to make China even more weak, but the results are more reform in China are strong.

In essence, this is table tennis in the field of international political struggle in the form of expression, can only continue to enhance the overall strength to be solved. .
B36638792010-04-01 04:33:44 +0000 #4
ITTF reason to reform the real aim is to develop the game, at first is good. He was to make tennis a hundred flowers blossom, break a monopoly of the situation, that is to break the dominance of China, to make the Chinese players not suited to, the level of play but with no success. But no matter how to change it, still can not shake the position of China. Did not know so that you are satisfied with it?
Youhou66782010-04-01 04:45:25 +0000 #5
11 sub-system is the chance to increase competition, increase the possibility of a David and Goliath, big change is to reduce the ball the ball to increase the round, raising ornamental - it was just to limit the advantages of China. . . . . . . Unfortunately, the basis of table tennis in China, too, and did not change the Chinese dominance in table tennis items -

even would think that such a reform, this project is good for drops - not someone else to play after Otherwise, we will go again Strong also no mean ---



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