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zhangju332010-04-01 04:10:45 +0000 #1
how to lay
Kaiser Lin Na2010-04-01 04:27:23 +0000 #2
hope the following answers help you, I think listening to good, see you are a beginner to -

beginner tennis point proposal: Tennis is a competitive and Art of as one of the ball games, the intense competition to stimulate the people scenes, excitement, smart, people stretch the swing of beauty. And played tennis are more aware of when playing the kind of comfortable, pleasant feeling, so there are a lot of people started to fell in love with tennis, it is difficult to give up, and then became one of his lifelong campaign. In recent years, the popularity of tennis as well as the increase in television, people love this sport more and more. But in the learning process, many people failed to stick with it, when the study began to cool down when the warm, died on the way up, unfortunately. This is a very common phenomenon, which may be the tennis learning of inadequate knowledge, so we need to consider before making tennis study the following issues and preparation. Mental preparation: some beginners may not understand the technology, ease of tennis, I feel like badminton, table tennis rally, if not a few can learn, take it for granted tennis should not be an exception. Only learned later that tennis is not as good as the other ball control. The court may even have not hit the ball or the ball's flying. This is like learning to play ball by a few people is a psychological blow, or even think too hard to learn to give up tennis. This phenomenon is quite common, many people buy a racket, but not many people can learn off. Queshi tennis ball technique is difficult to be mastered one of the technologies is said to ease ranked in second place, no less than complete control of a certain skill 很难. So was the study of English tennis and par is the application of more, fewer graduate. That is the result of lack of understanding of tennis technique. Therefore, Zai decided to play tennis should be preceded with a friend to play tennis regularly talk, or watch some of these aspects of books, look at ease of seeing to what extent Shipi for Ziji, not a lot of Qian Hua Zui Hou nothing. Of course, as a game to play on another matter. Physical problems: Movement is based, since tennis is a competitive sport, there must be movement on the characteristics. Running, jumping is a must, so have a good coordination of Physical Fitness and Sports is very necessary. Such as regular running, football, table tennis, swimming, etc. This technology is beneficial for learning tennis, and progress than those who do not exercise often much faster. Mm normally do a lot of movement, strength was gone, pick up the racket feel heavy, this will affect their learning progress. Before the best tennis in learning exercises the body, the physical exercise of some strong, so will not find it difficult to learn, will be more relaxed. Tennis is very particular about body coordination, poor coordination will be very difficult for people learning tennis, action, not always been done, hair force is not accurate, not handy. Poor coordination between physical fitness and will seriously affect their emotional learning, and even lead halfway. Scheduling problem: Given to learn tennis should arrange a certain time, no time to be interrupted because many people were learning. Some people only come up every one or two hour class, usually do not practice, so long is bound to pull the front is not conducive to tennis technology to master. We know that tennis is actually a sense, we often heard it said that the court a few days do not feel like playing not find the words, is the truth. This feeling is the result obtained numerous batting practice, and this feeling is a kind of accumulation and stacking, is based on the previous exercise movement to further the understanding and sublimation. If there is no superposition of several effects, difficult to understand in a short time to hit the ball feel. Tennis is a kind of practice through a large number of exercises and techniques to master, is a self experience of Guo Cheng, coach can teach you moves, not teach you Gan Jue, in the learning process Jiaolian just play the coaching, motivating and accelerate learning The role of the process. The practice is not enough time to even the best coach can not teach a high level of students. Many people do not read the coach's formal training, but also through a lot of practice to master the tennis technique, the ball good, it also shows that as long as the time spent there will be progress on the tennis. Recommended for beginners arrange reasonable time, if you want to learn to concentrate for some time to spend three months or six months to concentrate on learning, this learning effect is better, some progress soon. A word is to be willing to work hard. Cost: cost that we all know that tennis is noble campaign of early, learning to play tennis on the current cost is not that ordinary people can accept. (Of course, does not matter to play one or two friends). This amount includes: tennis equipment, equipment, venue costs, coaching fees, in addition to appliances and equipment are one-time investment, the site fees and coaching fees are a major expenditure. General site costs 50 yuan to 100 yuan coaching fee, we can easily calculate the cost of one month may be a thousand dollars or even thousands of dollars. If the plan is bound to result in an unreasonable financial burden and impact of the learning process. Therefore, the cost of expenditure on a reasonable plan to do, such as site fees may consider lower-cost time periods, such as booking the morning practice, the general court the morning there will be more discount. Please coach can also compare the cheap, for beginners, I think that senior coach and general manager invited the effect may not be much difference. Novice to learn basic movements generally, general manager fully capable, if you have to learn a certain stage to enter the contest, the coach may be advanced skills and tactics of the application of experience to be a little more, may be able to reflect the difference between coach class, beginners phase or a multi-practice-based, supplemented by coaching. Since the results are similar, or could Province
zuizui68502010-04-01 04:29:45 +0000 #3
of course, fight hand woven! !

In fact, a joke to play tennis is built on a physical basis, training to fight with the system, when a certain level, is the upgrade of equipment plus hard Rights

good body contact sports IQ plus good facilities and equipment = increases

===== playing good
lishiguao2010-04-01 04:29:05 +0000 #4
find a coach



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