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Table tennis game plan book to help me write

yeyueyusheng2010-04-01 08:11:14 +0000 #1
1, to have men, women 2, 3 logistics to write clearly, and Sport Liaison Office 4, tentatively racket prizes first, second, Samsung's 5, capital budget , to include prizes, balls, posters, 6, 7, school area, first group stage, to the semi-finals again when the 8 round robin, time, early March
Sander brutality2010-04-01 08:18:54 +0000 #2
can only say that a meaning, a detailed Please close I elaborate on the HI.

1, the proposed men's, women's singles, doubles all organizations, separate competitions, the first men's, women's singles and then, after the men's doubles, the pressure of this organization, time more provinces.

2, mainly to prepare adequate logistics Samsung game ball, according to the number of applicants, the average per person for a ball. 3, there is Sports Participation in, may apply for credit awards. The key is to give some gifts related to leadership, it is easier given the green light. Student leadership is about 100 yuan per person in cash, a carton of cigarettes per teacher leadership. 4, do not award racket, with credits and certificates, the proposed first prize in a province of crazy glue sets, the second prize a set of rubber & P mad, third prize Samsung ball number. Such a little more professional. 5, all financed entirely by the application fee from the proposed 10 per person on the line. Red paper with a handwritten poster on the line, mainly to indicate prizes. 6, the school enrollment by one-thousandth of the number of calculations, the number of applicants who will protect the bottom 50, there is more than a profit. 7, group stage 4-5, 8 or 16 sub-group, group by round robin, the top two teams in 8 groups, 16 groups out of the first group. And then the knockout. 8, started school in early March, about ten days after the proposed push.

On by this outline to write, write the number of how many on the line, do not write talking.
Ass Peng2010-04-01 08:30:32 +0000 #3
actually is the star most racket, too low a.



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