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SAN FRANCISCO 3 with how ye like? Soft not soft?

Conanpzh2010-04-03 17:12:09 +0000 #1
Present, but their use is yeo bad hair force, not to fight the feeling.

Play: to play fast-break cross-loop block shot (at present want to give up, forehand and backhand conversion)

want to trade in ye, but do not want to Hurricane previously used, feeling not to eat the ball instead of playing very comfortable YORK. Comparison of pull-turn loop.

With NEW YORK 3 is 39 degrees or 40 degrees of the good?
Big Head Sugar2010-04-03 17:18:55 +0000 #2
say pull switch 3 is absolutely better than the mad day 3 (reason: 3 days 3 rubber adhesive than the wild, day 3 of transport than the wild sponge 22 3 Win 20 to eat the ball) ... can only say mad 3 more violence, but violence only if the pull the ball, then the lack of rotation as an easier way to directly play fast-break ... you set the configuration of YE + day 3 + cj8 series is quite good. but only to people say that this is an arc near Taiwan Fast Configuration (YE also made force plate, but leveraging better YEO) ... playing fast break with YE basic by leveraging the power and the spontaneous play time difference ... this should pay attention to (general YE plate or block loop , and is a good board with a loop. recommended combination of friction-based hit.)
Sander brutality2010-04-03 17:48:09 +0000 #3
1, YE, or with most provincial wild also 40 degrees.

2 should be higher than Hurricane YORK turn right, is not no reason for Glue? 3, if the distribution day 3, or 40 degrees is best. 39 degrees a little soft.



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