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as far as possible all
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serve to quickly pass the time to change direction frequently. Sights on the way when the ball is what the ball, and then the opposite way to its issue to him.

First, then serve, and strive to be active, proactive thinking, can pull some resolutely pulled up, even without the opportunity to attack, but also control the placement, so the other can not attack.

Second, Taiwan for the short ball, to multi-purpose pick, pull, twist and other technology, less chopping.

Third, we should pay attention to the ball speed, impact point, rotation changes.

1, game table area

(a) of the left and right zone, also known as 1 / 2 area, the direction of the striker itself.

(B) refers to near net area within 40 cm away from the net area

(c) refers to the end zone 30 cm from the end line within the area

(d) means between the Central District and the end zone near net between Regional

2, pat the ball-shaped ball-shaped, including a pat on the racket face angle and direction of the racket face.

(A) of the racket face angle of the racket face angle refers to the film surface and the angle formed by the table.

(1) film surface and the table 90 is vertical.

(2) the formation of the racket face and the angle of the table is less than 90 for the forward.

(3) the formation of the racket face and the table for the backward angle greater than 90.

(B) the direction of the racket face the direction of the racket face is the racket about deflection, and the tables in the angle formed by the end line.

3, Striking Striking is the ball touches the racket when the specific location, it is basically consistent with the bat angle.

(A) of the upper

(b) of the central

(c) in the upper

(4) Central

(5) in the lower part of

(f) under the Central

(7) lower

4, hitting time is the time to hit the ball to bounce the ball in the side table to drop after that time.

(A) up period: the ball bounced just up from the stage table.

(B) up late: the ball bounced the highest point close to the stage.

(C) the highest point on: the ball bounced to the highest point of the stage.

(D) early fall: the ball coming down from the highest point of the first stage.

(5) the late fall: the ball fell to the ground close to the stage before.

5, hitting batting line route is down from the shot point to the line between the points. Five basic line (to the striker as the base) are: the right diagonal, right straight, left diagonal, left straight, Road line. Road ball in the real competition is determined at any time stations, that is chasing the ball body, also called Body Road Road chase.

6, ball hits the ball point is hit, the racket and ball point instant access to their spatial position, this is the striker's relative position in terms of, contains the following three factors: ① before and after the body position of the ball in the ball ② ③ with the body and the distance the ball high and low position.

Is that these, and hope to help you ......



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