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Please know of a friend helped me pick a table tennis racket

Jy51jy2010-04-06 17:10:15 +0000 #1
my actual situation:

1. Table Tennis level: we can not say particularly good, but is at least above average.

2. Grip way: straight. 3. Play style: focus on the positive backhand short, pull the ball level of line speed on the ball for better control. 4. Affordable price: The price is not particularly sensitive, preferably between 100-300 bar.

Q: What kind of racket choice? Forehand and backhand rubber of choice? Selected semi-finished film or film? I also will not stick racket. Please friends help me understand, I'm going to buy rackets online. Thank you!
David0042182010-04-06 17:12:23 +0000 #2
Visco elastic and spin table tennis racket is better, I suggest you stick a tennis racket.

Floor with carbon fiber, the price between 100-200 dollars. Rubber you are hand-selected DHS's Hurricane 3, elastic rotation better than prices in the 50-90 yuan. Backhand selection 729-2, prices between 20-50 dollars for defense, also suitable for pulling the ball.

Up to 340 yuan, at least 170.
Shouhushen82010-04-06 17:58:06 +0000 #3
better brand of victory. .

Finished product. .

Taobao had discounted. .
Laokuangke2010-04-06 18:03:40 +0000 #4
lz Mo angry, I tell the truth. See lz description of the level you should also not be considered good, even relatively poor.

Are some suggestions: If for auction, with on their own, do not buy a product shot. There should be described clearly lz characteristics of their play.

I have not heard of the "positive backhand short," said back then.

300 can be allocated within the basic good shot, you can find a high reputation Taobao shop, sheet, rubber together with the case, the seller can help you stick good
5460641212010-04-06 17:38:36 +0000 #5
Game V network it has! It should also offer early
suncatdi2010-04-06 18:06:03 +0000 #6
729 on the line
zhangyunsi1112010-04-06 17:55:43 +0000 #7
Friends Hello! If the price is about 100-300 words, you can choose Galaxy mc-2 (market price is about 178 yuan) is in hand to 40 degrees with winds 3 (market price around 70 dollars) with a backhand to beat Rio cj800042 degrees (Price 35 dollars), this is cost-effective with a higher.

Hope my answer help you (*^__^*) hee hee
dh39602010-04-06 20:42:09 +0000 #8
semi-finished bar, for 100 to 300 for the Galaxy can be used, prices are moderate. Others are too expensive, but there are styles of play, but still has great value. Double Happiness Hurricane 3 on the viscosity of a good pull loop, NEW YORK also. Can develop their own style and play.

As for the sticky film, took to sell, where table tennis can not give you 10 per glue.

Hope you can get a good beat.



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