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Tennis idiot half the problem

a lot of heart VS curly hair2010-04-06 17:12:04 +0000 #1
1, ATP, or else Open (slightly larger point of the game), all which have mixed doubles match?

2, the Olympics have no points? 3, women have no year-end WTA finals? ? 4, (the more complex problems, I have not figure out the problem)

how are points calculated? Know that Paul points say this, are last year's championship runner-up will be deducted for you today? ?

Must be detailed -
cow grass2010-04-06 17:22:53 +0000 #2
1 Grand Slam, Olympic Games, the network has mixed doubles

2 Men's ATP ranking points

Gold Medal - 400

Silver Medal - 280

Bronze Medal - 205

Loser 3rd/4th - 155

Quarterfinals - 100

Round of 16 - 50

Round of 32 - 25

1st Round - 5

Women's WTA ranking points

Gold Medal - 353

Silver Medal - 245

Bronze Medal - 175

Loser 3rd/4th - 135

Quarterfinals - 90

Round of 16 - 48

Round of 32 - 28

1st Round - 1

3 WTA year-end ATP final entry criteria and the final end of the year (the original ATP Masters Cup) as 9 points in Grand Slam and Masters Series tournament for the first 8 points to enter the final year-end and two replacement

4 players is on their own to get the points in the tournament to determine rankings. How long that the performance of players in order to be included in ranking system? 52 weeks, gained over the past 52 weeks, the cumulative points will determine all your ATP or WTA computer rankings. In the past, ATP counting only the 14 best players score points race, in 2000 52 weeks after the entry ranking system is no longer so required, but will all take part in the game players get the points add up. For example, Roddick in February 28, 2000 U.S. West Coast Network Saizhong starting their careers, so he is only to February 2001 shot of the tournament again after this, can accumulate points the first 52 weeks.

52-week competition is a sport with rankings system, each of the past week, players must add the new points within a week, at the same time a year ago, minus the corresponding points obtained by the week. ATP and WTA within an average of 45 weeks will continue to refresh the rankings. For example, Costa beat Ferrero in 2002, won the French Open men's singles champion, ranked according to the standard 52-week competition, received 1,000 points; and in 2003 he entered the French Open semi-finals after being Ferrero out in accordance with 52 weeks Entry criteria for ranking, it can only get 450 points, also have to be lost last year received 1,000 points, in the French Open so good is Fandao got 550 negative points.

The last male and female professional players in the points in addition to points made rounds outside, but also from his defeated opponents who get extra points (Quality Points). The more you beat a player ranked front, you get the more reward points. Currently used in 52-week ATP entry ranking system and compared to the old ranking system, the biggest change is the repeal of the contents of award extra points, compute cycles are 52 weeks.



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