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Flying off2010-04-07 05:11:57 +0000 #1
this board with the Galaxy, compared with the price of the board how, cost? My Pen, is deft on hand arc, arc fast backhand will pull Pen Wang require a performance full of board, must be comprehensive, the best five-wood is hard!
wodetouai2010-04-07 05:22:44 +0000 #2
I used to have one just do not know which model DHS I feel very good that it is mainly the high standard of playing haha I do not cross me, I return excited haha
zombieyang2010-04-07 05:23:39 +0000 #3
H-WH is a cost-effective high straight. Hold Backhand for.

Galaxy this price is called a horizontal floor there is a horizontal fighting to play with the king, the king is not suitable for cross-play stumpage.

The whole Galaxy is the advantage of carbon plate, very low performance is also good, but purely as DHS was on board the Galaxy.



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