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Table Tennis monocyclic how integral

txwjl2010-01-17 16:01:40 +0000 #1
Table Tennis-cycle how points? Thank you
xjim2010-01-17 16:08:47 +0000 #2
round-robin is a contest between the teams or players take turns game time, known as the single round-robin. This method can participate in the competition between the various teams or athletes have the opportunity to play, and can more accurately decide the winner of ranking teams or athletes. However, more than the number of single-round robin of games, competitions for a long time need to use the site, equipment and more so to participate in a single number or the number of round-robin team should not be too much, otherwise the packet cycle approach should be adopted to carry out.

A single round-robin method of ranking calculation: International Competition statute stipulates that a win was two points lost in a get a points race has not played or completed the competition screening of 0 points, the group ranking obtained by screening according to section decided that if the group has two or more teams score the same as their ranking should be the competition between their respective performance in the first calculation to obtain the screening points between them, and then under the need to calculate the individual events and screenings (body Games-time), the outcome of Board and sub-rate of up to calculate the ranking date.

Group round robin: Single round-robin, been able to more accurately schedule all the teams (or people) of the ranking, but to participate in team (or people) a few more cases, more times due to competition and to the organization and management of the competition with a to difficulties, it is difficult to use. In this case, can be used round-robin. Round-robin scheduling method most commonly used as "snake-like array method", that is arranged according to each team's actual strength of their sequence number (usually the last race of the ranking is based on order). The smaller sequence number, the strength is stronger, the other hand, the strength weaker. Group to request the average strength of each group, that is, the sum of each group who have waited for the order of numbers. Some ball games in the "snake-like arrangement of" basis, will be seeded with non-seeding method of drawing lots by batches to carry out group, that is 1-4 teams (seeded) fixed in the 1-4 group, or with method of drawing lots into the 1-4 group; and then 5 - 8 Hao ,9-12 ,13-16, respectively, into the 1-4 group draw. But the group cycle, the second phase of the game should be added to discharge all the rankings. There are two common methods: 1, with the rank of each group match is divided into four groups such as the first panel cycle, the second stage of the competition the group winners for a single round-robin group, decided at 1-4 name; second in each group as a group, decided at the first 5-8 name; and so forth. 2, cross-race first round robin stage were divided into two groups, the second stage, each group Qianer Ming Jin, cross-competition, decided at first runner-up and other rankings. Use this method, by the group decided at the 3,4-name cross-section 5-8; in each group were cross-5,6 were decided at the first 9-12; and so forth.



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