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To the main line of the network king tennis colleagues

Jinlin Running2010-04-11 13:12:14 +0000 #1
Most of the main line to have line of tennis Oh! Who is my little prince, students such as death-like clarity on the need to write, I read, oh. Thank you!
Mirror の 1000 video2010-04-11 13:26:12 +0000 #2
Li Hai

"[web Wang] health such as death-like clarity" on: Shiraki Tao Hua recommend

Qing Li and generally feeling this theme of cultural difference cp! The story of a girl as the prince supervision and the sea, with a common goal to strive to the story! !

To friendship-based, although there are hidden deep CP! ! ! Qing Li recommended

characters: 12 great God of the sea, when the Prince of supporting roles: network Wang Chung

"[net king] go with the flow of the cherry" of: 1000 Ying Jing Yan [end] Qing Li recommended

an extraordinary never thought to pass through the older woman wore, became the Yagyu's sister. Adaptable character, as one only wants to realize the dream of past lives. Love, the prince was not in the list. Therefore, the ambiguous benevolent, full text at the end, maybe are not men, non-genius, tennis, will see it.

Article is very classic, female very Niubi, worth a visit! ! ! However, the behavior of female controls controversial style

characters: Yagyu Sakura (Feng Fei) ┃ supporting role: Yagyu Bilv Shi, Li Hai Tai ┃ Other: Net biological Wang thousand shining

"[Net King] Born is the King" Analysis: Yan Zhujia

Goddess greatly for men pig Wen Wen, female is the spirit wear, electronic sports master

Tags: Network fond of VIP through time and space the end of Wang Wen

characters: Kanin evening shadow Komura Seiichi ┃ supporting role: Li Other popular Prince ┃ sea: nets Wang colleagues

PS: vip + special episode, but lack of character, good article TXT

"Dream drip [Toho + net king]" of: tea

across the West became narcissus twin sister But since childhood abandonment, care of the household to see how "evil forces" battle of wits to save his brother daffodils, catch the goddess of adult

hero: Show if the stars (Atobe Meng Yao), Atobe King I (brother), Komura fine City ┃ supporting role: pedicle, Oshiashi Yoo Shi, network Wang everyone, Toho everyone ┃ Others: network Wang, Toho

[net king] "mirage" TXT Download on: Yin Ling Wen Wen

a good, men are Goddess greatly, female is the sister concern of Yagyu not been through before a white fox girlfriend!!! a text with a little sweet sorrow!!

characters: Yagyu jellyfish Komura Seiichi supporting role: Nio elegant on the sea, a large Prince 4 Tempo Temple Prince

"[network Wang] kiku Qingyue" of: King

two people every day meet, bud, has been quietly in the heart inadvertently see Xu. Slowly wondering their edges and corners, until, two people close to lock into the world's most closely related to the circle ... ... characters: kiku Qingyue Sanada Genichiro HE

"[web Wang] Lianni Chang" on: Purple Butterfly Zhou

very common story, feels like a small word, like, two acquaintances from all working to a room, and it is developing so smoothly.

Characters: Lianni Chang, Sanada Genichiro ┃ supporting: Echizen Ryoma, Yukino Miyazawa, the sea, great

"[web Wang] Summer Air" on: prime night is music

This is just about a day and youth-related. Those princes, ah, I do not want them wronged, do not want them to do cannon fodder.

Fortunately, the village is a treat his brother who is the men Sanada, Liu is a friend. Nothing more.

Characters: Shahi, Sanada Genichiro ┃ supporting role: Komura, Liu, really Palace Temple Garden of Hope child, etc. ┃ Other: Kurihara Shahi, network Wang

"[net king] you expect ever net king" of: blame well cold

a anthomaniac women escaped the control of brother sister unscrupulous mentors help Kuangzhui small kelp and success stories

characters: all of the original concept of worry on a long red Taro ┃ Fung also supporting: early cut of the original concept of the public deficit is also the Prince ┃ Other: Net Wang Qing Studies the sea, large ice Imperial hegemony Kanagawa

"[web Wang] supporting benevolent government" of: Night Elf King

【soul through】 【end】

characters: Todo ice secluded Yagyu

"[web Wang] health such as death like clarity "on: Shiraki Peach China [end] [Recommend ah]

This book can be regarded as the king with the human network among the classics, the author changed the general feeling with the human drama in the main line of the plot, to women owners and the sea, great princes, the story towards the three-peat-based, female tennis on the client changed the status of a monitoring and common struggle, very exciting! ! ! !

"[Net king] is young," of: Apple slowly [end]

This is a very Niubi cultural, highly recommended, men are breadwinners and women homemakers Liu army, division, the emperor's sister, saying, look at brother sister control and Shaw to his sister's "weasel war super fun"

[net king] "mirage" of: Yin Ling [end]

This article has Jinjiang Wang colleagues in the rankings the first network is a good text articles, good writing style, is the goddess of men, the poor fool who's white fox

fox ah.

"[Net king] Voice of dual network" of: kinsalin [updated to VIP sections of Chapter 146]

this book is very good looking, is a multi-end, has finished the two end up

"[Network Wang] go with the flow of the cherry" of: 1000 Ying Jing Yan [end]

Search Keyword: star: Yagyu Sakura (Feng Fei) ┃ supporting role: Yagyu Bilv Shi, Li Hai Tai ┃ Other: Web King Creature thousand flashing text is very classic, female very Niubi, worth a visit! ! ! However, the behavior of female controls controversial style
streaming video snow2010-04-11 13:44:29 +0000 #3
<<tennis the way> "(the sea, large)
" The more grown up, the more alone "(as if that name) (the sea, large)

"asphalt" (Youth Studies)



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