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110yyy1102010-04-11 20:11:30 +0000 #1
Galaxy MC-1 is now the floor, are hand-729-08 (province) and the general frenzy 3, please help recommend a anti-plastic gloves, thank you
flying off2010-04-11 20:13:51 +0000 #2
fellow ah, I also have an MC-1, is hand 729-8. I Pen, take MC-1 does not always feel good grip feel, but comfortable banner. Pen or you cross? If there is not direct like me the trouble? Whisper about, QQ: 245298145, Miao Yang answer the question prompts. 729-8 I like the market, especially for your province, how kind of team? Would like to find out. You are now working with 729-8 or mad 3, this is a very good mainstream configuration, viscosity, pull the ball turn, aggressive attack, while also losing control, backhand did not know you like sticky or astringent nature? According to personal preferences, not afraid of the racket can choose overweight like sticky rubber gloves are the same, fear reuse 729 Tianyi, 4OS, the focus of the three can be, few properties that we use out; like Shibuya of recommended Palio CJ-8000 inside a, where a forgotten to ask the boss, or a bomb is very good, willing to pay to use the butterfly Srivel, very good!
Sander brutality2010-04-11 20:55:09 +0000 #3

2, CJ8000

3,729 front Soul 4, wild c

are available, 1,3 partial attack, 24 partial control. Which will use what it likes.
Cpa · mydream2010-04-11 20:29:40 +0000 #4
landlord good

high with


shoot low with the former Rio cj8000 or hk1997 cheaper and better

backhand which flexibility is best not to use too strong a set of sticky glue or affect the speed and the astringency of sets defensive performance than the sticky glue



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