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Nice soft rubber on carbon allocation and Antonio mad mad 3 3 and Ordinary people used to answer, pl

Extreme Travel2010-04-13 06:10:14 +0000 #1
Friends of the ball yesterday, just put new rubber - Ronaldinho crazy three coaches and I try to play the next board I do not know his is not just glue on a number of reasons for his Neo crazy 3 39 degrees universal than I mad a lot of three 39 degree soft (I've never filling plastic) and elastic pull the ball very well turn driving can obviously feel a lot of high-friction points when serving the ball still floating! Coach wanted me for that (coach With the purpose of belonging to the table tennis enthusiasts), but I do not see the elite forum, looks like such a big difference between the three really good ah Antonio mad so mad with God more than you I do not want to play a dozen times for ah (mainly because poor students had no money Ha ha) to see the article said Wong Lo 2 NEW YORK 3 being 40 degrees for general crazy, but I have a hard 39 degrees three more hard you can choose, or should I take the rubber filling road that alright
GS lone wolf2010-04-13 06:19:53 +0000 #2
1.NEO mad after the third expansion of the sponge factory, which can effect about a month, one month after the death of sponge hair, and almost universal frenzy 3

2. under the same hardness NEO mad crazy three to three-shift soft-General 3. SAN FRANCISCO 3, and the hardness difference between the three big hurricane, 40 degrees 39 crazy days of three to three still soft, and do not look at the degree, the only distinction between the same rubber hardness Shiyong, not between different rubber Bijiao degree

4. advise you Zanshibuyao 换, NEO Zhishi a transition product, yes Tong Guo Guan factory expansion agent Laidadaonei Neng Xiao Guo, Busuanzhenzheng internal energy. Cost is very low, in March will be out of 8 Double Happiness a new set of rubber: India lost series 3, series 2 Plough, magician series of three, to look at the response time, which 8 should be able to type in the real



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