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Help: Table Tennis is the maintenance of rubber surface

Okawa Table Tennis2010-04-13 06:10:26 +0000 #1
yesterday just bought a block of Long Shadow is a black plastic, I Henai Xi, stick well, rub the surface with water, then go play, and play the course, some heavily; sweat in the above ..........

Today, I look out the racket, the front of the sun and found that there are a lot of crude India rubber surface (due to being plastic is black, these rough and India appear to be more black ), water indelible ............

you brothers, how thick the formation of India and in the end, in the end is the reason for sweat or water problem? Will not affect the shot ah!
Sander brutality2010-04-13 06:21:49 +0000 #2
1, as rubber is made of rubber, it can not be printed sweat or water came up to, this is not your reason.

2, in fact, glue itself in the production, they will print some of the texture, so when can we play better in the manufacture of rotation, but when you do not buy the attention to.

3, and anti-adhesive is different and subject to its own plastic materials, structural effects, such as anti-adhesive did not care, basically a simple clean the soil is not hanging on the line, you can not wash, not foil.



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