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Jan-Ove Waldner forehand return of serve

╄ → Ode far2010-04-13 06:10:38 +0000 #1
How to practice?
shepherd boy star2010-04-13 06:23:56 +0000 #2
this is some difficulty.

Laowa has several outstanding features. To 1 was his return of serve and serve, not only volatile but also possible for Attacking him to create conditions for the next board.

2 is his guerrilla tactics, this would not have said it.

on his serve.

1. you can go online to see GIF Bo table tennis serve area have Laowa action Xiangjie , illustrated, it is worth a visit. very comprehensive.

2. His return of serve mainly in the following basic technical synthesis.

First, Akira then, is to receive better physical drive wrist shaking so bad you catch opponents to judge Dropping the next in order to win time advantages Attacking.

Second, write access, the technology used in the more straight, but the horizontal plate due to very few restrictions on the wrist used in actual combat, but Laowa he just won this off, be sure to pay attention to this practice: 1. the ball's rotation must determine clear, that is your basic skills to be solid, or write access is almost no room for failure, the ball will fly out directly .2 . wrists development effort to put in place, otherwise the ball too easily rivals the next board directly open buckle. but training is successful, the benefits are great, the next opponents will be greatly weakened the power of board. even the net.

Third cut then (a term invented by me). is the Lao Wa Ryu Seung Min and Liu Guoliang in the side of the topspin to the strategy. name suggests means that the direction of external rotation with the film wrap directly cut the ball back with time Hou bat must be fine, fat, force should be appropriate, the consequences of making bad shape is the net often, hair is often the consequences of force does not take back the ball easy to pick off opponents.

his return of serve feature seems to me that these
cpa · mydream2010-04-13 06:27:08 +0000 #3
landlord good

Laowa athletes for the horizontal version of the first three panels to gain the initiative can be described as breaking new ground

thanks Laowa excellent return of serve and serve high-quality attack

forehand return of serve Laowa to change the natural return of serve, known methods Many

such as short Laowa forehand backhand swing can put a short

the same time the following can be said is that technology is used in conjunction with the Huang-Lao Wa then is the invention is the use of dummy confuse opponents to win the initiative to conduct storm and sometimes directly on the score of the

Huang Huang received, including a good variety of such transfer (which combination works well and put a short ball finished his opponents not daring to move or do not know what you want to emphasize not so easy to put short short hair is hand the ball the most uncomfortable position that he did not dare distributed to you)

Akira write the ball straight against one side of the main players in 2004 on the successful application of Huang Lao Wa Ma Lin backhand write live there long, floating like a side of the arc and has no quality Laowa Malin La Anti-pull, or carry out the backhand can suppress straight

there was stalemate Akira Akira pull Laowa backhand backhand pull technology is well known as the time difference often forced to pull the ball back to the low quality of the other and then into violent conflict

In addition Laowa serve receive even if the same Sometimes a technology point of the ball in different ways, or hitting opponents are also very suited

such a short time to put such a demand has shot short side parts are not moving forward

hit points such as the rise of a long ball to each other's backhand chop each other generally not prepared for the regular work of a board the other barely hanging on to the

another opportunity to deal with straight up on the hack line can often be difficult to pull out the high quality of the other running backhand return into the stalemate could wind up on the next straight

personally think that imitation Laowa technology is secondary to draw them

Glue is the essence of action we may learn not difficult to learn, but placement still pondering the other psychological sense of surprise at each other's mobile and then serve



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