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Galaxy 2024 how ping-pong kind of floor? Please say used

hok2003090532010-04-15 01:12:20 +0000 #1
Galaxy 2024, how kind of ping-pong floor? Please used say
Sander brutality2010-04-15 01:18:23 +0000 #2
New Year's asked to you, I use 2024 for six months, I feel is a very good floor.

Ball, good control, flexibility is very small, very easy to control. Loop is transferred, because the carbon layer deep, can live and eat the ball, with the ball a long time. But when the hair through the power play after the end of effort or energy reflected, and the power is sufficient.

Use the note, I played through strength, a very soft board, but after playing through the very end strength, ability to distinguish between hair.

At this price, is there a versatile offensive and defensive boards, very good, not expensive, the higher cost.



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