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I would like to start manufacturing a tennis racket

Hong Bao2010-04-15 11:10:55 +0000 #1
I want to start manufacturing a tennis racket, but I do not know how to make and I want to know, could they not know where to learn it? I do not know how can sell this book it? I did not find the Internet to find this book ah. I do not know how to understand the knowledge of manufacturing tennis racket, ah.

Ask for help
jingxingzhong2010-04-15 11:13:50 +0000 #2
before and after the 80s of last century, the racquet manufacturers in Taiwan to introduce a carbon fiber composite materials, a few short years, the carbon film to shoot out of the wood, changed the world tennis racket production and marketing structure in - for technical hero almost "Hyperactivity," the efforts of development, the development of a revolutionary drum winding method (filament drum winding) for the manufacture of prepreg cloth (prepreg), then the unique blowing hot Molding (Inner bladder pressure molding) production racket the way, and gradually mastered almost all brands of orders.

Modern racquet manufacturing industry, has been used for nearly aerospace industry and military-industrial materials. Near ⒛ years, metal materials and chemical materials to upgrade the level of the racquet strong manufacturing foundation. Of course, these new materials and new technology, not only due to business competition brutal, it is moving rapidly develop the necessary professional tennis. Currently, carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar fiber, high-tension fiber, titanium, super-rigid fiber and other materials have been widely used to create material in the racquet.

Number of tennis rackets from the initial raw materials to final packing storage, generally through four major stages, in the factory is divided into four workshops, in which 1 of the highest content of plant science and technology and most critical, the other workshop are - they spray some tinkering then grinding and other processes. Package before making a racket loaded in each workshop to go through 3-4 days, a total of more than 70 steps, the following are some important steps.

If the racquet is a house, the shop is responsible for building rough housing. Out of this workshop, if the blank test failure, can only be scrapped.

1, resin deployment

resin volatile formulations of different manufacturers according to their own deployment, there are 8-9 components in general, and then added to the carbon fiber inside, can adjust the racket weight and toughness. Molding process, the resin outflow and the outflow direction control, blowing pressure and temperature, etc. are critical. Nanotechnology applied to the racquet, is to enable the resin and carbon fiber for better integration, better resilience to the racket, or blindly allow racket hard, easy for users to injuries.


as textile weaving, weaving yarn, like - woven carbon fiber paper, when, after a resin tank (resinbath) fully saturated, and then, after winding drum attached to a piece of paper, weighed by the roller wheel pressure to a mantel drying, the resin after the volatile part of the promotion of hardening. During some gauze to cut a different perspective, will be used in different types of rackets section to adjust the weight and balance.

Book; (()) internal process racket bookstores are now selling!



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