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Table Tennis has the most style which several

Twelve Women M2010-04-16 21:10:32 +0000 #1

shaoweijia2010-04-16 21:26:32 +0000 #2
famous athletes have different characteristics of each style.

My favorite male athlete is Ma Lin: straight right hand holding the racket, loop combination of fast-break play, being deadly and skilled operator ball, mental strength, good at playing the ball wind; other play better also with Wang Hao: good straight transverse stretching; Wang Liqin: combining fast-break play both sides of the Loop, technology is relatively comprehensive, but the lack of rotation ability backhand rally; generation were Malone: right-hand sides of horizontal plate combination of anti-adhesive loop fast attack method, fast-paced, better placement control, is the world; Xu Xin: left hand straight sides combined with anti-adhesive loop fast break, combining the advantages of Ma Lin and Wang Hao.

My favorite female athletes are Wang Nan: left hand horizontally racket, combined with loop fast-break play, an excellent psychological quality, good control of pitch rhythm team of hunters, the world champion get most frequently, but has been retired a; Zhang Yining: right hand horizontally racket, two anti-adhesive loop combined with fast-break play, the ball the wind in good health, play fierce, and now also in a semi-retired status; other women's team members are still in the growth stage, played a relatively better with Guo Yue: left hand horizontal loop combination racket grip fast-break play, technology has masculine features, the first three panels quick and ruthless, Shi-Wen: anti-right-hand sides of plastic fast-break cross-plate combination of loop, in the field Ganpin dare .

Foreign athletes have more styles are: Jan-Ove Waldner: right hand horizontally racket, combined with loop play fast-break, near Taiwan, China's fast-break play and pull on both sides of Europe COSCO Taiwan blend Loop Player the creative use of a "shake-hands grip Grip straight" serve method, serving premier in the World Table Tennis; Ryu Seung Min: straight right hand holding the racket, practicing the hand Reverse rotation ran the ball straight, in the crucial contest in the often extraordinary play; wave Seoul: left hand horizontally racket play both sides pull loop, technical round, psychological stability, and strong forehand and backhand rally.

Foreign female athletes is relatively weak and have a distinctive style of South Korea's Jin Jinge: Chop play racket right hand horizontally, will, tenacity, backhand long plastic can play the "obstinacy" as the slice; Singapore's Li Jia Wei: right hand horizontally fast-break play racket combining loop, backhand fast, strong and open perspective.
1_8li2010-04-16 21:31:05 +0000 #3
Ma Lin, Zhang Branch, Shi-Wen, Ding Ning
Nan dynasty2010-04-16 21:39:02 +0000 #4
Nan Wang Nan forgotten. Forehand backhand mad mad two three. Characteristic enough to have it. Left hand grip. A board hand backhand quick to tear the other team overwhelmed. Aggress play opponents by surprise. psychological high quality. pitch good rhythm control. no opponent to prepare for a board when the occasional slice completely destroyed the rhythm of rival psychological oppression. Beijing Olympic Games semi-final against Guo is a good validation. in addition to cotinine unique cut-serve. Guo Yue's Woman Technique. 81 pairs of fast-break combination of Big Brother Wang Tao Loop Player. backhand to raw rubber hitting a backhand into the world must ... Wang Hao's backhand cross-hit technology as if that is a cross hit the books ... there are times Marlene organic accurate ball which board to choose to play just to play the most flexible straight ... abroad Kober backhand to screw up Xiangjiao Qiu .. Aoqialuofu the squat backhand serve is also very fun to cover France Pavilion ... retired unreasonable violence play. South Korea's Ryu Seung Min of being violent impulse ... blame Taiwan players are Deng Yaping. Fukuhara. is long backhand, reversed rubber plastic
xuyichaogg2010-04-16 22:40:29 +0000 #5
Wang Hao!



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