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How can a person playing tennis?

Chenyixi19972010-04-17 11:12:07 +0000 #1
I am 13 years old, would like to exercise through tennis, but not always, is not a relationship with the postures? What is the standard position?
Kevinmiller2010-04-17 11:18:03 +0000 #2
hit against the wall, is a way. Sharapova started playing is against the wall. As to the action position, you can see more of some teaching video. There is remember to sideways.
Rchan22010-04-17 11:36:52 +0000 #3
1. Oriental grip: also known as 『』 grip handshake style.

Advantages: rebound the ball for play, is the bottom line the best combat tactics, particularly those with high waist to rally to the ball.

Disadvantages: backhand stroke position when the grip must be moved, subject to the exchange of instant grip batting position.

2. Continental grip: for a low bounce ball and very suitable for low volley, while the grip grip without making the positive and negative points, dealing with interception, and serve to facilitate exception; but this grip must To have a strong wrist to hit the ball with time, or were counter-productive.

3. Western-style grip: It is suitable for strong forehand topspin style of play, but the backhand is very inconvenient; as easy backhand shot, generally players do not like to hold such a grip enforcement.

3. Spin than flat shots and types

outside, either forehand or backhand, movement in the whole process, if Push play, the ball will produce some kind of rotation, rotation direction of the ball and rebound after the parabolic flight direction, have a close relationship, the following description of the action purports Ball:

positive spin (Topspin), or top spin, high spin (Overspin) --- up from the bottom of the Earth, pumping, action by the low and high step further, namely to generate positive spin, ball speed, spin quickly to the direction of movement, the rapid fall in the air, easily out of bounds, and the rebound high and fast after landing, will make opponents more difficult to fight back, this play needs wrist, arm strength, waist power, full cooperation, accumulate practice, one can only experience of know-how.

Anti-spin (Backspin), or under the spin (Underspin) --- and is the opposite spin, cut down from the top of the ball of the action from high and low forward and hit the ball is back on the flight direction of rotation , slower speed than tennis, so the floating non-line long distance and angle of incidence was small so the low bounce, bounce, or straight down in situ, low-slip surface, Corneille degree of combat strength, the racket face angle, set the length of action.

Cut shots (Chop shot) --- so that the racket into a vertical, waving from the top down, hit play below the oblique or square, the ball falling in the play, this play is usually a short ball in the hanging tactics.

Ping shots (Flat shot) --- horizontally to move forward, plus the following pressure method for the fast ball, difficult to control, easy out of bounds.

4. The pace of

in all ball games, the pace is an important factor in accounting, especially holding a racket sport, if the pace to run properly skilled to handle the ball will be able to handy, only moderate the pace of a right blow Tennis is challenging every ball to the right to judge by the pace and agility to hit the ball, the right arm movement of feet can play ball effect, the pace fast and correctly, can maintain the body's balance and to focus smooth transfer of the action, how to run the emergency, emergency stop, the master time engaged to the ball is play well the elements, in general, is to Scattered, Slide, trot, side step to adjust the ball position Scattered particular, when the ball away from the body very well be a big step to move closer to be changed in small steps, can be successfully achieved deep distance between body and ball.

5. Hit position and timing

hitting position, which is hitting point, about 80 cm in length prediction racket, waving racket hand experience of the extension, hit the front side of the body position of 45 degrees on the hand to extend the area of natural .

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

grip There are many ways to divide according to the effect of playing a tennis racket handle

There are two broad ridge edge 6 6 tiger's mouth facing the narrow edge to edge wide of the left edge first (for left-handed players is the right section an edge) is called the semi-western grip, forehand normally use this grip

in the semi-western grip a position to turn left edge, is the continental grip, and generally serve the use (flat shots)

In the Continental, based on a edge turn left again is the ultra-Western grip, this grip generally apply topspin with

the hands backhand that left his right hand half of western continental grip (left-handed players the contrary) one-handed backhand is generally continental grip

Reference 3:

Reference Chart: com / i? ct = 503316480 & z = 0 & tn = baiduimagedetail & word =% CD% F8% C7% F2 +% B1% EA% D7% BC% B5% C4% D7% CB% CA% C6 & in = 26171 & cl = 2 & cm = 1 & sc = 0 & lm =- 1 & pn = 9 & rn = 1 & di = 2689781424 & ln = 226 & fr = & ic = 0 & s = 0
shouhushen82010-04-17 11:31:22 +0000 #4
learn more before: playing against the wall.

Do not listen to the second floor of the Wong Tai Sin, where this play, that play. Because you may not be able to read understand, and may also get it wrong. So I suggest you go to net to find some excellent teaching videos cool to see, clear and understood. . .

Good luck
Ai Donggua 6092010-04-17 12:30:38 +0000 #5
on the wall to play
blacklong_cf2010-04-17 12:02:40 +0000 #6
Buy a rubber band ball out themselves,
9311791092010-04-17 12:19:46 +0000 #7
like to play badminton as
852258741147962010-04-17 12:29:41 +0000 #8
feel his national macro
Meng Jiaming 1233212010-04-17 13:21:07 +0000 #9
Continental grip making the law: a low bounce ball and very suitable for low volley, while the grip grip without making the positive and negative points, dealing with interception, and serve to facilitate exception; but this grip must have a strong wrist to match hitting time, or were counter-productive.



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