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Butterfly Korbel help to me to be able to introduce a set of plastic in hand

Starsend2010-04-18 06:10:03 +0000 #1
I have an amateur. Has been used before being mad 3, to be honest, crazy 3 useful, but the premise is often Glue. .

Time is now less reluctant to spend Glue so much time, anyway I do not want to change a regular gluing of rubber to be able to paste in hand.

There are two fast current favorite: One 729-08, second, butterfly T05, but I do not know any better ease of use.

Request me of you golfers of these two sets of rubber, leather or other good introduction to the I line.

cpa · mydream2010-04-18 06:24:42 +0000 #2
First of all, tell your landlord good selection of two sets of plastic can be said that a grade is not to say a good set of rubber

certainly played T05 t05 ah I tried to get whatever price 4 500 amateur level, but if too wasted to play up to six months of this rubber

729-08 and T05, much worse than the performance is not that sticky set of rubber and he was a lot of difference between the nature of the characteristics totally different

call me crazy landlord with three previously would not have changed very little amateur Glue around me do not have a professional team of people Glue played well as usual

I give landlord a suggestion if you do not change if Hurricane rubber more durable and too often winds a long time but nice just bought three Mad useless Glue certainly better than the old me buy wild backhand three are my first posts in amateur players but for the children to push fixed when playing a three or four days he played really well with soft, then I just found that the exchange did not take long and you see what landlord said Ha ha

T05, then should be able to try the province bought sets of plastic soft sponge mad not bad but there Effort took you know

If you insist, then change it with a 729-08 psychologically prepared, but although the sticky set of rubber but are quite different 1:30 will feature rotating the strongest hurricane to adapt, but flexibility is characterized by relatively poor 729-08 overall rotation, but nothing outstanding that is both flexible general
mad Biao Po2010-04-18 06:45:03 +0000 #3
729 08 .. just fine with the speed elasticity Viscous ..:) in favor of fast-break combination of loop play. Pull Butterfly Loop is not bad ... not sure ... it shall also try Heif blue whale is not within 2 ... can not understand performance a bit like a wild 3 ..



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