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The ball hit the power to send?

Liang Dian 丨 Boy2010-04-18 14:12:04 +0000 #1
Placement in the service court, the ball bouncing above shoulder height, medium-speed ball, no spin, I watch TV on Murray hit the ball a sure kill, to break out of the ball and pressure the ball like, but their play only to point to a point of strength is its traditional past, the probability of scoring less direct.
L child is three rounds2010-04-18 14:16:47 +0000 #2
There are many ways to score, even if you say the situation is very clear, but what specific strategies, or according to their physical and technological conditions.

If the height less than 180cm, shoulder height to the ball, using two-way counter-pressure office smash, the success rate is not only low and high error rate. Individuals suggested the use of amateur combat arms force, increase the angle of approach to get the point. Venus, Sharapova and other female athletes choose this method of attack, there is little time missed. Even to survive, the other side, wide-angle can bring down the opponent's center of gravity, with the Internet before you can easily score.

To star action prevail, asked to play the beautiful, scoring second friend does not apply.
Lishiguao2010-04-18 14:35:04 +0000 #3
JACKKNIFE, Peach City moves
orange Russia2010-04-18 15:32:34 +0000 #4
JACKKNIFE, called "one foot off his hands backhand," You look cool network details Safin presentation.
Happy 20002002010-04-18 15:03:24 +0000 #5
If you do not jumping up and Dianzhe toe into play also, aim high hits the ball.



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