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Positive Photoresist forehand, backhand long rubber

Tgdnh332010-04-18 18:10:38 +0000 #1
Members golfers, Hello, everybody. I think with such a board, are positive and negative long. In the case regardless of price, it should be with how to play the biggest advantage? Ball faithful all comments, please! I am working like the fast break, close to the table choose to play, a special taste for the next spin, but the correct rate of anti-plastic is not high, about half of the half of it Ha ha. Hold Backhand Knowledgeable backhand, this is the dual rubber play, a little success, but still not the best. Would now like to open a new path, a long plastic can also be cross-played, transverse stretching of the situation can be pulled out of the pediment and the side spin weak, confused eyes. Oh, oh I'm straight. First Thank you!
liyan_11282010-04-18 18:14:05 +0000 #2
actually try, and for their own is the best, I had also used is glue, then glue with some anti-discovered is more suitable for me, this thing is a bit long plastic strange, sometimes you can fool people, but not too strong Xuanzhuan it, in short I think nothing should have its test and we have to Zhi Dao, the same people do not play with the same kind of glue is suitable for the
1_8li2010-04-18 18:29:29 +0000 #3
Zheng is double happiness 802, Anti-long friendships 755
Food bare2010-04-18 18:31:18 +0000 #4
Golfers Hello.

By your description, I do not think you long for is the configuration of positive and negative.

Do not know you long plastic Yi Ke Wang beating think so or you really played this play, I was a long backhand cross version of plastic, I think the long rubber for offensive words, if the higher failure rate, coaches have the proposal is upset with a long rubber tempo, such as smoking in the exchange that when a board. If you are anti-adhesive and can backhand cross-play, I suggest you can try for growing rubber in hand to try, but I think this way is not great, being better than using regular plastic.

In fact, I wonder if you have not met most of the straight play is not a single long length rubber glue, but is positive and negative long inverted plate play, the ball with a long rubber transition is plastic with a fierce attack or with long glue attack to achieve the element of surprise results. This routine can play a lot more suitable for long straight plastic. Are so many world champions that year, most recently to see the national team has been retired Chen Qing. In addition, private master Huang Jiang is this play, you can search the Internet search of his video game.

If you do not fall board, then this is a long play can be both positive and negative reference to the Korean player Kim Yun Mi, online video of her small, very characteristic of her play, you can learn.

Welcome to share with you.



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