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13-year-old beginner tennis

lisaswh2010-04-18 18:10:50 +0000 #1
I am 13 years old this year, a little more, and suddenly more want to learn tennis, rackets and balls have been bought, but no venue. Qingdao where court? What, then first to master novice skills? Tennis capacity is not easy to hurt his ankle or wrist? Only to tennis as a hobby, will not be hard to start? Please friends let me know,,
thegodwind2010-04-18 18:16:13 +0000 #2
answer for your question

1. Whether there is no venue in Qingdao, in fact, the beginning months of school ball tennis courts in addition to the middle of the cable height, there is no need to play to learn, a wall is enough, because, according to 13-year-old with the full swing motion will find it a bit heavy (I am 12 years old learn, understand it all too), so the first few months the most basic right Wall practice enough, of course, and interest from the entertainment point of view, on the tennis courts, ball tempering better sense, of course, the specific baidu map can be found, or phone asking .. very easy to find.

2. The specific skills to master too much, but the main points: below

1) while waiting for shots to the natural bend your legs, maintain mobility, in general terms that tennis is fast, so do not advance Good preparation may be too late to reflect the

2) a complete swing motion, the specific integrity of what action is too long ... I really can not describe in words (I am master of words bad), but no matter what moves the focus from the foot forward to photograph behind the right hand lead to one point in the lateral position before the shot, to shoot the action received, regardless of who is to be expressed, it is not just a form, but also to reduce the body burden (mainly wrist ), focus on a very important part of the ball 3) concentration, I was a child always to play for various reasons while they are playing a little divided about God - and then passed the ball in the ball of the first 5 seconds and after 5 seconds, you need a high degree of concentrated attention, and relax the body, to lay the ball 3. If you are like 2-2 years before I said the words of the full swing, the wrist injury will likely fall a lot toes mainly from the quality of your shoes (This is really very important to ...) and running the way, do not be too sudden acceleration and sudden stop start, as slow to be effective in the prevention of injuries. However, if each play too long or too frequently, there will always be a point of small issues (mainly pain), this is a must towards the master, constantly wounded, frustrated, and then continued recovery come, and keep strong. 4. Came up with my own experience to tell you something: I hit a ball every week, every 1 hour, 12-year-old started to play, close to 1 year only "fly" ,4-5 years and can only be basic easy others in the tennis courts at both ends of the longest rally, and now as busy work, close to 3 months did not play, you may have to back a lot of beginners .. tennis is a very harsh face of the movement, wanted the ball from the beginning smooth side may have difficulty hitting the other side ... If, like me, one week playing only 1,2 times, unless you have a very strong learning ground (Incidentally, I was forced by his father learned .. .) or hobbies (nearly 10 years of compulsory training for now I think they count their half love tennis ..), or very difficult to stick with it, but when you insist on playing for a while, familiar with tennis, you will start understand the fun of tennis, match wits with each other on the tennis court that people can feel very happy ... Also, maybe you do not understand, Dan tennis is "2 person" of the movement, only in each other's strength close to you or is obviously strong in your fight with the case will progress and have fun .. this is a lot of people rush to give up tennis because - can not find the strength of the ball close friends, if you clear the need to learn the words of Tennis: The first thing Technical clearance to find a coach or friend ..
dabao4962010-04-18 18:17:32 +0000 #3
you with fairly small, relatively easy to learn, too. When play started there will be some difficulties if we continue to play on the line, huh, huh. Make sure to play activities among the various joints to prevent injury. Usually look at tennis, tennis has some help for school. I was contacted after college tennis, just started to play very well, on the third year after entry of a little, huh, huh.

Wish you happy playing!
Lishiguao2010-04-18 18:23:25 +0000 #4
will not be difficult, as long as there is talent on the line
lemon117022010-04-18 19:52:13 +0000 #5
tennis the most important thing is to practice, but this is the correct action based upon the absence of coach education, then best to read books and video imitating movements, serious practice not rare, as it will hurt Well, as long as you receive the full film, the pace of the right will not hurt the general (except accidentally)

first learn the forehand, then a backhand, serve and volley and finally, special ball itself slowly grasp like a



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