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Snow on Grass2010-04-18 20:10:26 +0000 #1
I want to learn to play tennis, but because beginners do not know what to buy the best kind of racket, tennis racket lightly what you recommend something easy I am learning, thank you
ydh_232010-04-18 20:20:58 +0000 #2
first reputation point I want to emphasize that standard, not the brand.

Racket is not clothes, relaxed does not matter, the racket can not effect. We play each person's physical, age, physical different, need a little heart to find the real day to satisfy your specifications.

Straight to the point of that, and now the market is mostly a good racket, brand also complexity. The design of the surface is of great beauty, into a special outlet is really impressive, dazzling, I do not know where to choose from. Therefore, the general outcome, nothing more than election-known plant spleen, beautiful appearance, or have other golfers also use models. Not only that, in my heart can not get rid of "high-price must be the top grade" mentality, so the edge of the table stores the latest and most expensive that one.

Post-sale shop PRO is small, some of them they will not play, some or part time for. They only have a few sales of magic, such as "Zhe Zhi very flexible, very light, with Boron's better"; and some are even "Zhe Zhi good fight" no other information other than to you.

At present, many foreign brands rackets are manufactured in China and a growing number of tennis enthusiasts, but many consumers to buy racket on how to choose a tennis racket, or ignorant.
, In addition to the appearance of the type that can make you see outside, you should be concerned about those details, you can really get out of the racket you need to do?

Here are the key points you need to consider:

1, the racket is not too heavy? Or a large Light?

2, the handle is not too big? Or too small?

3, the racket is head heavy or head light?

4, you need a bigger racket face it? You know the big shot in the film surface and surface features?

5, the density of threading you like it? Do you like thick or thin? Pounds?

6, making you like thick, thick or thin the film in the box?

7, the racket will not be too hard? What are pros and cons of hard and soft?

Pat, do you like long-shot type or oval shaped face?

9, you know the racket materials and design concept (creative) it?

10, you for the line, leather grip, strip nails, sheathing and other parts are satisfactory?

I believe that most problems can not be thrown into the top ten clear, but there are many experts, the so-called experts is a long ball age, there is concern for the quality of materials, a study of players.

For a new shot each of them, not simply because of the new to buy, they are seeking in the new film, and is difficult for some kind of breakthrough.

For example, one often in baseline stroke of the "long pumping-type" player, he may want to escalate the intercept, to hwan a "first light" and weight about the same tempo.

Lack of arm strength was also felt necessary for a labor-saving and flexible rhythm, also felt the ball was unstable, would rather sacrifice some speed, I hope to every ball within the white lines, so we find a Support has CONTROL of the racket.

Weight (WElGHT)

heavy racket will swing when the player moves inactive, if too severe may be tennis elbow. The contrast is too light of racket ball difficult to cope with strong, but also easy to remake.

An idea of the weight of the most accurate, according to the U.S. magazine Global Programme of material for consultancy Mr. Lei Na said: "You should choose your range of comfort in the arms of the most important ones." Not the most important or more serious the better. This means that a person should worry a little arm strength to go for a slightly heavier racket. So is not the lighter the better. So young and strong ,320-330 g are also appropriate in the elderly is between 300-320g as appropriate. Miss ladies you can between 280-300g.

If you have a shot at, dislike its strong light, it would have saved. Beat box in the relative position of each piece of lead paste 1g try. Enough together, you will be surprised that little adjustment would change the whole racket of the pitch, the ball feel and effect. But the original weight of the root, there is no hope. Mitigation is impossible. Finally, to really use the balance scales to weigh it, because every family that "L" or "SL" and so is not consistent.

Grip Size (GRlP SlZE)

grip size are we all see, paradoxical, often misunderstood to be a problem, Mr. Lei Na told me that these words above: "with the same weight, the handle must choose their own can feel comfortable, the most coarse size. In other words, can not be selected too small, large easy to lose thin grip, which encountered strong loose remake of the ball easily.
, of course, is too thick grip loquat fatigue, sensitivity will lower, not easy to deal with small ball or volley ball, is there evils.

In fact, you should choose what size it is appropriate, must see the size of your palm can not be generalized. However, there is a pointer that is, very few people need us Asians four and one half or more. the general male players, palm-sized general election to be four and three eighths (or III) handle, if the above principles, that they can then larger, can be increased to four and one half. physique tall or an NPC than the palm of your hand, you can again and again. women about four and a quarter to four then three eighths of the hydrometer.

Do not forget, is the racket grip the most important human contact point. beat good grasp, not comfortable, no matter how good racket, even the best game can not play together, so grip, grip leather is you need to pay attention, often to replace and maintain the best condition. Do not have odor, dirt and slippery, players with some overgrip, can game in her hands!

big racket face the size of the film surface are more tolerance, English said More Forgiving, which is off-center hits the ball, the ball can strike out, you can use the "bigger strike zone" to describe it. English this strike zone is called Sweet Spot, so some people call it "sweet" or "sweet spot", which means that when the ball is hit strike zone when the ball's elastic large ball quickly, without arm strength, the batter is also very rewarding. because the racket is large, wind resistance is also large. sweet area increase is not easy clean sheet, but the lack of speed , the majority of professional players in the racket with the racket face, because the smaller the sweet spot, the more concentrated the power, ball speed on faster.

concluded that the major film surface to learn, slightly off-center can also hit the disadvantage is the lack of speed control is also poor, for women, beginners, and older persons, about 110-115 square inches. small racket surface for the superior and the young players, ball speed, runs batted in good control, but the sweet spot smaller.


equilibrium point central topic is the "front-loaded" or "first light", the head weight for a long shot, baseline stroke of the rally; head light for tennis volley, doubles players often use.

shape, structure

Each one racket surface De Xing Zhuang, has its unique design mainly around the Jiu Shi sweet zone differences can be seen from the profile or tag Zhong beat seen. Zhiyu construction area, the entire branch will be different racket and softness Cunzai , the drop will also be showing the show, most of the numbers is that the number the greater the hardness of the smaller big swing movement, who was physically suitable for the smaller hardness beat.

pounds of high and low

The most commonly used number of pounds is between 55-60 pounds, professional athletes often wear 70 pounds. pounds higher, lower elasticity, but the swing speed and ball players get better results pounds will have low function of bed Ershi spring rebound increase, relative, ball control will be reduced.
youth_20092010-04-18 20:31:50 +0000 #3
50 块 about on-line buy fake WILSON tennis racket on the W line is on top of the sign that I was beginners, it is the 90 dollars with false WILSON tennis racket, good use of money, then if true it would buy about 500 or so right I feel like a beginner to buy a general teacher said on the line when we buy a 50's on the line Ha ha
3901909882010-04-18 20:55:11 +0000 #4
50 blocks or Forget it, certainly aluminum alloy, one bad hand. beginner, then upstairs to say buy a 500 (babolat, head, wilson, dunlop like the international brands) is a good beat choice, of course, you can buy the 300 or so made, but must pay attention to whether domestic or international, it must be a whole brand of carbon materials, so as to protect your hands.

There is buy a big racket face more than 110 inches square (so easy to hit the ball), light points, about 260 grams of (this command will not be fixed on)

There is recommend you buy a tennis racket and the exchange of knowledge website www.

That which is also promising novice recommended tempo, the details, you are on



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