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_ Destroy God _2010-04-23 16:12:35 +0000 #1
I use the short film! I am a novice! Speaking of the best from the base! That more points! Best to spin the ball a long ball up and down what to say on how fat! High reward points! Jiji Ji Ji Jiji! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
laughing dog angel2010-04-23 16:21:39 +0000 #2
table tennis enthusiasts, I also hope that they can be useful to you:

1, with a focus on the ball

2, with "welcome" approach to pull the ball more Explosion

3, "according to the ball close arm"

4, amateur backhand cross-board horizontal board did not think as good

5, as the "front ball" and do the racket

6, to practice basic skills the ball, there must be rhythm

7, the body center of gravity must be low

8, to hit a ball to relax

9, coordinating force is the foundation

10, is the guiding force forward

11, force is the fulcrum Key

12, force is skill

13, whipping hair force

14, more experience "fight" and "grinding" the ratio

15, pulled the ball first to judge pulled the ball under the rotation

16 , backhand backhand technology license allocation is the basis of cross

17, to beat imagine your hand, throw the ball out of room and board feel! and thin hit! ! !

18, when the racket at the ball loose some good

19, the harder, the swing should be under more pressure

20, a quarter of Law

21, LAC turn the ball to "legs" squat

specific analysis: 1, control the ball with the center of gravity is the body that play the main force, and not simply relying on the arm, use of legs, waist and other body parts of the action concentrated development effort hit the focus of the body shown is useful for control of body center of gravity pull ball, play and send

the feeling of their own bodies and send the ball center of gravity to suppress the feeling. Recoil, we should also focus to control the ball with only the forearm and wrist movement, no use to adjust the arc focus, often authority on good quality ball or return the ball high. Early to judge the ball

the placement and rotation of late, too late to do the movements, forced to use only the forearm and wrist shot, another action not big, because if the ball rotating slightly stronger, then down a couple of chances soon after, easy to find points.

2, with "welcome" approach to pull the ball more to make loop burst of violence, should take the initiative to meet the ball as far as possible approach. To have the "welcome" the sense that a body should meet before the two-step to meet the former, three methods have to meet before. The basis of forward power of

generated by the problem, is to grab the ball forward. This force depends on the focus of forward exchange to complete. (Right hand for example) actually left empty, the bow of the right steps must be done completely, that is indeed the right foot, right toe, and tables in parallel to the bottom line, pointing to the East. Left foot slightly before,

toes on floor, must be brought to heel. Upper abdomen to Hanxiong. To Wang Liqin, Ma Lin example, they Hanxiong abdomen for a very full, to the upper body with two Hanxiong basically and almost parallel to the table. One advantage of this to be the focus of Nature

to fall before the feet legs; Second, such a mechanism to send forces must move forward, with her chest of natural persons to move Kazakhstan. Like Marin, Chong Liu Guozheng fierce rush, when almost lying on the case is an obvious example. Things will not move up from

naturally be avoided.

3, "according to the ball close arm," arms do not hold back, but as far as possible to meet before the sweep, which he could not forward the Council his back, you do not have to worry about, get back up on the boring.

4, amateur backhand cross-board horizontal board did not think of as good amateur horizontal plate, indeed, concentrated in the backhand and Middle Road. Backhand is the horizontal board expertise, but not a lot of amateur development, and the results become weak, so unable to fight off the block shot straight.

Also, I think a lot of cross-board war bit too close from the station, is affected, backhand conversion. As the station is actually far backhand problem. So fully mastering the backhand is the key lay horizontal plate, while the elbow control is very important. Who may be the world backhand. Backhand cross

boards must dare to take the initiative to pre-empt the afterburner afterburner.

5, as the "front ball" and do the racket hit the ball is in front of the body's center of gravity - after hitting the ball in front of the navel.

6, to practice basic skills ball must have a rhythm over the other side of the ball, hit back with basically the same when the speed of return stroke, the two sides to the rhythmic Lianxia Qu, and not tired, so as to improve the feel.

7, the body center of gravity must be low center of gravity must be low, so just play steady. Backhand bit sideways, the body must lower the standard to beat. But attention to the active use of them close to the table when pulled forward setting not kept too low center of gravity, or cause the racket is too low,

La authority on good curve ball, easy out of bounds.

8, when the ball hit the ball must be relaxed, the arm must be relaxed, play a useful sense of turning back. Play should beat (fast attack) feeling, not friction. To take the initiative to hit play, not passive, let the ball the ball to the top of your plate. Waist to relax,

Do not stress, or appears to be playing straight backs. In fact, the play process, the only hit of the moment is tense.

9, coordinating force is the foundation - legs, cross, hand movements must be in the same direction 10, is the guiding force to move - legs, waist, hands must first move forward force acting on the ball, in this context to the other the direction of adjustment

11, the fulcrum is the key force - nearly instantaneous pivot in the wrist tennis, billiards moment near the fulcrum in the elbow, away from the pool who clap at the side of the fulcrum moment hip!

12, force is skill - according to the ball and their own tactical purposes, can take afterburner, leveraging, force, friction, different methods such as bomb attack

13, whipping hair force or whether it is Wang Liqin, Kong Linghui them in pursuit of a whipping hair pulling loop force method, but Wang Liqin's power (hitting power, more than other players) so-called whipping cross-hair power is back as a power forward made a strong point

In an instant hit, while raising the leg back across, there is an invisible suspension, forming a solid support and the ability to send more arms to be optimized. Must use the wrist Pull Loop, now is the impact and friction loop group

Hop, wrist touches on the Impact ingredients and more low friction elements, the ball was more explosive. Instead turn the ball more! Wrist action to emphasize the power transfer from the index finger, middle finger to the beat of the batting position, rather than transfer from palm, index finger and middle finger the direction of both the functions of control

system, in order to control the emergence of low arc so also the phenomenon of the wrist to the inside hook . You can carefully observe the famous table tennis players loop decomposition map, attention to their movement across the waist and wrist movements. Lao Wa is the start profile to hug people

a big mouth son, as the ball hugged, and then forward SNAP, that is in contact with the ball that moment the ball with explosive power in the wrap rejection on the basis of income. The ball is not being wiped away, but side pocket to go brush border friction (grinding). Quick touches seems to be a time when the arm lock

to live, and forearm like a whip about the same brush thrown forward pumping. Appearance salute to the forehead forward, King to King can not move up, then naturally there must be recovered arms reduction. Pull forward setting, shoulder to relax, to have such a moment the ball.

14, more experience "fight" and "grinding" the ratio of the ball too much impact. Perhaps when you gotta play when you do not hedge forward hit the ball you have more you can bridge the speed, a bit of quenching thirst with poison ball too easily in fact Zhuangji Zaocheng arc bad, mistakes and more; and had rotator

do not, there are hardly made that the ball forward setting is not strong, especially outside in the near Taiwan. Friction causes the ball over too much, force small.

15, pulled the ball first to judge the ball under the pull-pull ball spin as the ball does not spin that, as a movement. There are many old ball as long as swelling of the liver can handle the ball as good Sha La ------ is not to say the difference between spin up and down, but the nature of the same kind of rotation can not

consider the strength. Indeed, if the situation feel good when a lot of appeal can be power, but just pull the ball clear to discount the quality, and most amateur golfers can not ball like the old gang of ruffian like all day long soak in the arena, it is necessary develop

"eye on the ball," consciousness, usually more attentive to the ball spin, as used on the game

16, is allocated backhand backhand cross-license technology foundation, a solid foundation, and attack, drawing, playing, and so it is easy to pick a, shake-hands grip should train well and learn well backhand must first dial.

17, to beat imagine your hand, throw the ball out of room and board feel! And thin hit! ! ! Cheats 1: 'ball sense "(to eat instant touch the ball) from a YE (soft-ball plate delicious ball), this is the best feeling to play by their own power equipment

Cheats hair, you could feel Ma Lin is the body the strength of the film and then throw the ball to the goal to eat! (Of course, this process too quickly) relentless not a board to break the posture of the ball. Cheats II: from the pure blue of the dynamic stereotype - "kick the waist."

Cheats 3: racket face touches the inner arc trajectory to ensure that the incident angle the racket and the ball is very small, almost only 5 - 10 degrees!! This is the rubber ball off to an important reason for room and board, thin friction, I teach players often described as: thin crash!!!

but not very thick hit, we all know: thin crash is friction, the loop is very thick is the attack hit is hitting the ball!!!, of course, The thin crash is by "kick the waist" to complete, and then the arm and not received, but the natural extension

and the body trajectory is the one!!! but it is' thin crash "substantially the same time forward the waist, the body has been moved to the left front, careful observation can be found in the body of Marlene forward very powerful, it is to play with the big arm

shoulder lead role, that is, the power of the arm with the body lun out, so I have: "Think of the beat of your hand, throw the ball out of room and board feel," and finally by the forearm and wrist for fine tuning! ! ! Of course, this process is instantaneous. This Cheats weight

35%, but the feeling is not easy to get Cheats, because we can produce very fast, I talk to the students is the time of "0.01 seconds" to describe. I wonder if you can understand it? ! Injection angle is very small, thin crash, and the cases as parallel racket.

Advantage is that the ball is burst, not afraid of backspin. However, the specific treatment to the specific circumstances of rotation according to height of the ball impact point position, and your tactical intent to determine the shape of your shot and angle shot. Cheats 4: stand back or tighten the waist, the right toe DESHIL, but not right after the

side, knees slightly to be deducted (so you can jump the strength to live the waist) arm fixed film type, room and board at the top of the knee the ball, I gave students on the understanding when the image is: "package knee" friction, resulting in a natural arc track, you do not

harm to try! ! If you want to send strong, or red in Taiwan, one must shoulder movements. Joint should properly open, so that the fulcrum of the shoulder is a rotation. Besides the complex will people think, but I feel that greater action is to open

and not to think too much. Or should the elbow axis, or else there would be no whipped. No whipped loop, is laborious, large movements, that is inefficient and not turn the loop. If you can do the shoulder, elbow, wrist three joints and one after another into the collection

air Oh rejection, then you are naturally very violent hands on the.

18, when the racket at the ball loose some good racket when the ball loose some good, flexible! But also rotation, wrist rotation direction of the plane and the vertical arm straight, after hitting the ball to a little "Britain about" the body is well prepared to relax the same time return to the standard

action. In order to "Britain about" the body, hitting an instant heel to lift. Play to have four consciousness: eye on the ball to judge the ball, move the steps, hit restore.

19, when the more forcefully, more to swing harder under pressure, the swing should be under more pressure, not the trust, the more we should press and hold the ball forward for more hours than the development effort. Wrist to attack the ball a little arc, this ball is a bit faster.

20, a quarter of the law began to practice Forehand, to remember a 1 / 4, one, arm swing track is 1 / 4 Park, racket ball friction ball is 1 / 4, swing arm relax to the starting position is in accordance with the original 1 / 4 arc - Miss coach in the case of

on the ball to the end line as the diameter, midline and end line of intersection of a circle, a uniform garden arc, the right side of the arc is the arm swing of under the projection; then face the wall, with their height, to make preparations for attacking the ball moves, to plan a horizontal waist height, height of

to the highest point of the eyebrow, a uniform circular arc, which is in front of the projector. Forehand, holding the bat in his right thumb pressure shot, index finger relaxed middle finger top film, the program 1 / 4 arc process, the thumb and middle finger of 1 / 4 arc of fine-tuning action, hitting the upper 1 / 4 arc ; the same time

forearm must also have 1 / 4 arc of rotation.

21, LAC turn the ball to "legs" squat squat, the first to kick-off the road sideways quick short steps, then "legs" squat, rather than "a bow legs, a leg kicking," is body slightly side, right shoulder relax sinking fast tread right leg!

Move left foot from the center of gravity when the right foot, the right pedal to make the body do not have Cuangao action, feel the focus should be parallel. Racket ball down along the path to the racket when the ball dropped to the right place, then pull up, it is not easy to pull left out! Backspin increases in turn

loop action essentials: adjust the position of sideways; legs squat; arm relaxed; up power; income photographed ears. To pull down the ball early, hitting first step and position adjustment, the racket arm should be straight.
Milo84822010-04-23 16:28:11 +0000 #3
short film? ? That thing called the Straight ... ... to see it ... ... and then his Screen Test, each serving different habits and styles, theory did not understand the ... ... in particular, amateur
ladiosmirage2010-04-23 16:25:35 +0000 #4
any of the movements can not be rushed, Key of basic skills.

For example, before elective table tennis at school when the class of this order.

1, block shot practice, be able to continuously push for the passing of 20 board or how much concrete forgotten. To 2, the left forehand attack exercises, the speed from slow to fast, can pass for 10 rounds to. 3, Forehand practice, the speed from slow to fast, can pass for 10 rounds to. 4, are hand-loop exercises, under the rotation is not required to play, practice round to pass 10. 5, ball exercises, fat, backspin, turn and do not turn, ran the ball.

Recommendations or practice according to this order, best to join your local table tennis group, Duo ask golfers, see more online video, such as pests and weeds in series, so as to avoid detours, and - Do Bu Neng urgent
zxcv34zx2010-04-23 16:31:50 +0000 #5
Shui The so detailed ....... Oh, Look at it yourself
tzyjsjs2010-04-23 17:28:47 +0000 #6
My good long loop, the next spin. Long backspin when hit with a ball plate, to force, while rubbing down the ball plate. Placement is important, practice it.

Top spin table tennis watch cctv5 Korean women, will play the next spin watch cctv5

M will play table tennis in Germany

I wish you success to.



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