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Table Tennis shake-hands grip is the most difficult anti-pull technology?

Youku05132010-04-24 23:10:21 +0000 #1
Table Tennis shake-hands grip is the most difficult anti-pull technology?
The Wind by ¤2010-04-24 23:12:49 +0000 #2
You mean backhand or the people pulling the ball then pulled it over recoil?

If you have a tennis foundation, if the backhand, then pull the ball, not too difficult. Only the general level of people mostly working on the main loop, backhand If no threat to pull the last game became a burden. But it varies, I rely on when playing backhand. Pull down the essentials backhand topspin action is (in his right hand shot): so the ball to the racket, the body left close, his legs bent under, shot and lead to the left arm just below the waist in a line, as far as possible to the lower left arm stretch, but do not stretch - and to the ball, Bayao out with even behind the left foot Dundee, while hand-arm axis as the big fan-type open, the greater the stretch the better action.

As for the recoil, it is more difficult. Anyway, I practiced for so many years of playing the ball too well this board. Mainly being dragged over the ball Taichong too fast, hand a tight, action will be deformed, followed by the placement is also looking good. But you can counter with. Forehand counter with time, leaning forward, hands relaxed, arms slightly inwards to close the ---- the ball when the ball bounced just when to use, must rely on the inertia of the ball, the muscles to relax, homeopathic command arm , spotted impact point, the ball with the past.

This is my personal through experience, want to help you.
Ljgx2010-04-24 23:53:42 +0000 #3
is the most advanced technology
masculinity 0012010-04-24 23:20:21 +0000 #4

Tend to move the practice is not a problem, but from the forehand to backhand too slow to respond too bad.

Therefore, training should focus on improving the response capacity. This is most important.



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