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YE equipped with rubber gloves is

San Marco EX2010-01-31 22:01:23 +0000 #1
I want to replace are now pat plastic gloves. Take into account the 40-degree Double Happiness crazy 2. Individual play is a straight arc with right-handed fast-break, horizontal playing skilled.

Mad because in the past used two, know that this is not easy to control a set of plastic, but it is high-quality storm washed loop does have its charm. Mad 2 are 2.2mm and 2.15mm distinction. By 2.2mm, the feeling of being violent storms washed and picked a very high quality, but the general loop stalemate is not dominant (Sadly, the next opponent in the school board both sides nearly all horizontal arc, playing the basic tactic is to twist my long - , high-lift and then picked up to play stand-off. every kick down the victory I will not speak of physical have largely been the first to be consumed), small ball and three crazy little different. There is also find it hard to completely beat thoroughly.

I want to ask, then replace the 2.15mm (still 40 degrees), whether the ball will be improved on? Thickness decreases, is it easier to play and rotten?

And then there's there a better choice? Consider only the Double Happiness, and 729 (although low elastic, but the unsolicited edge loop very good, unlike the Palio, etc. are brought out of loop), the country mad, Nepal like mad-free, and not asking too much. The best you can talk about the advantages and disadvantages. There must have been good, then return.

hanleizhangli2010-01-31 22:07:00 +0000 #2
Friends ah, I have to update the exchange of

yesterday Fanxiangdaogui to 3,4 years ago, down the glue on the exchange, is transported 22 # blue sea sponge 42 degrees, 2.2, and the Hurricane 2 to re-paste a single rubber. I did not play before the glue sets, then only sell sets of plastic, not sold, so come early to adapt to replaced the glue sets. Paste it feel like good, strong attack, three sets of 40 faster than mad much faster, much larger forces, is simply the gap between the small stones and shells. After filling glue feeling there is no vibration in hand, the Taiwan of the small ball faster, arc less friction and more personally feel that feeling. Picked to play much better than a lot of crazy 3. Grab pull the ball spin when the ball faster, arc lower, when the mad grab three pull down spin, pull like a high-lift, transfer is a transfer, but it did not speed, high arc. Now pull up the first board after the other even if the anti-back attack my second board will be faster, more power. Hit rate has been good, will not be more explosive and hand sponge off the mark.

Some friends said YE soft, I can not fully agree, I think it should be crisp YE.

Crazy two sets of 40 used, tepid, and did not pull the ball in the mad three strong rotation and ball, there is no mad as two of the 42-degree hot feelings. Unfortunately, the sea looks like has not been sent a single sold 22 blue sea, and another day to see Tao Tao. Previously with 999 single-rubber, spin even better, that is not mad two single-rubber reaction speed.

The crazy market, there should be two sets of 41 bar, you can try. Of course, personal preferences do not feel like sharing my own experience, for your reference.

Big Head said, very professional and ah, with YE attack, really need a big fat power. The thickness, I also recommend that 2.2,2.15 certainly higher than 2.2 severe vibration in hand.
ufo_xxl_10172010-01-31 22:15:56 +0000 #3
chopping can not simply down-forward twist. Chopping height, timing (up points, drop-point) have relations, but also some special strong ball to send up a little.

YE + Hurricane is a laborious living, domestic sets of plastic are too fat only see the effect of force.

I personally feel that the ball control is a twist to pick out these little tricks on the manifest. 40 degrees set of plastic already hard hit can reflect the permeability did not know, but I think it is very delicate control.
Big Head Sugar2010-01-31 23:14:18 +0000 #4
San Marco comrades say about feelings, for 215 Win 20 is not a problem, because YE's 3AYOUS itself can be directly through the surface layer Ange Li bite the ball, eating ability, and even the ball better than OC, the premise is a big fat power penetration plate (but YE permeability of less than YEO). . Sponge a thin sheet of more thoroughly, but the arc will no doubt convincing. This should take note of. I think the YE is 2.2 being the most suitable. Backhand 2.15, which is the best sponge thickness (personal view is that this is the case). . . YE medium close to the table control is very tough, in control and in 2.2 sponges YE match perfectly (which depends on personal style of play, I pay more attention to nearly control). . . Crazy like a sword ah two hard playing, basically hit the ball it will be oiling Friends (irrigation organic glue). Actually, in order of hardness and speed of penetration board ignore the sponge is of no use (no matter how hard sponge more quickly but can not penetrate it and the plate is no different). . . Do not select individual proposals mad 2, and like to be able to consider the performance of the sponge bar, or NEO mad three is not bad. Even shipped the same 20 G666. 22 Tian Ji Yun 3, you can also consider how much violence and really not bad. The main control will come up. After the first stable and can be fierce. . .
zombieyang2010-01-31 23:28:32 +0000 #5
YE is made force plate belonging to the soft board, should not be equipped with a hard surface, its speed should be made by your ability to break out of, rather than sets of rubber to improve the speed.



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