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Table Tennis bottom edge of surface material before it was what the core functions of the respective

MBoston2010-01-31 22:01:44 +0000 #1
surface material force before it was good or bad hearts on what the standard
hanleizhangli2010-01-31 22:09:29 +0000 #2
daimaocs comrades said very professional, and very complete, ping-pong in the world is my long-term subscription, and is pretty good.

Measure of timber is also a bad standard, density levels, Arts and uniformity, thickness uniformity, flexibility uniformity.

Racket is paste a few pieces of wood together, so you have the racket from the side is very obvious that the hierarchical wooden racket. Is usually 5 folders, folder 7. The general racket of the outermost layer is the surface layer, then the pros and cons of each with a surface layer. (There will be a different material from the racket surface layer, resulting in two faces can not the same.) Surface layer is usually straight stripes, straight stripes relatively long, from the Grip to the racket head, so large deformation, eat the ball deep, to the ball reaction of large, so a good spin and power for loop. The role of surface material is shooting the ball when you touch the first time responses to the ball, if the surface material too thick perfect, then the ball will be difficult to control. Range close to the table and desks.

Li layer is a second layer, according to the texture has been a cross to paste, Li layer is horizontal stripes, horizontal stripes stripes shorter than the straight, so deformation is small, out of the ball quickly for a fast break. The role of force level is mainly leveraging the bomb attack, as well as units within the offense, the scope in the near Taiwan. Li layer thickness and hardness has always been, will feel the extra leverage when the bomb hit plenty of flexibility.

If it is 5 folder, then the middle layer of the racket, which is the third layer is the Core, large core should be said that after the change to play because the ball is slow, hitting a heavy feeling, it has increased the Core The thickness, called the large core. Move on from this, we can clearly see the Core role, played the most important force in support, made the role of force is offensive technique, racket ball reaction to the source. Range is made in the Yuan-tai, vigorously attacking the Core folder surgery five straight stripes, straight stripes deformation large, it is usually five folders for loop play. 7 The Core is the horizontal stripes folder, and 7 horizontal stripes folder folder percentage than five large and seven folders off beat so much faster, suitable for fast break.

But the horizontal stripes easy to break, it must be straight stripes and horizontal stripes alternating paste, rackets became stable. But there is a pure racket straight stripes, such as the Japanese-style side panels, only one layer is very thick, straight stripes juniper, daimaocs mentioned comrades. This beat production process must be very precise because there is not a small defect rate, there is high price. Specifically does not say.

Splint should be means 5 folders, 7 folders, or other type of plywood.

As for the material, I am now using Jasaka YE floor, the edge layer is limba's. To give you an introduction to see posted, you can clearly see that, YE is a five-story, large core particularly pronounced in the surface layer is thin, force levels compared to other racket is a little thin.

In fact, wood I do not understand very well, anyway, also know nothing Dayong, on his own playing does not help Hehe.

The above, coupled with daimaocs comrades said, should be more than sufficient
wxxdwxwc2010-01-31 22:27:29 +0000 #3
looking to play when the stretch is good to be translated
daimaocs2010-01-31 22:22:49 +0000 #4
a big heart is the core part of the ping-pong paddle, generally there will be three to measure racket coordinates of a controlled two speed three rotation, I personally think that our hearts are mainly responsible for controlling the other rackets are generally five or seven plywood splints, a big heart as the center, then both sides of the wood are generally correspond with each other, we can see that large Heart in the splint in the unique and independence.

2, table tennis, movement development gradually moving fast, so do the major manufacturers on edge material on the "arms race" because the provisions of the ITTF racket floor is at least 85% natural ingredients, so in the last century, 9 ten years on behalf of the middle and late carbon, aryl, glass fiber, carbon-fang mixed weaving, titanium and other materials was found as a way to improve the racket of "hard" to increase the speed. Material can often force the timber can also be artificial materials, carbon materials now in the power of the dominant aspects of wood utilization.

3, only the name suggests is the side that is the outermost layer of sheet that had, and now face not just a simple timber of the material, such as Sweden's world was a good (also known as Stiga) Company, on the surface material on the handle a layer of UV coating (UV coating is said that the effect of this can be replaced by a thin layer of nail polish), in order to achieve special effects

4, either 5 or 7 splint splint (and even some companies out of 12 splint), regardless of whether the added racket of artificial synthetic material, racket big heart, power wood and surface material is an interrelated system, and this system is serving the play, such as the five splints are usually loop of play Seven plates are usually type fast break play. The fast break type of the racket will play more rigid loop of play of the racket will be soft, so different systems exist in the Chinese could not be compared, the want can not be compared Peking Opera dan with the Health and angle is the same.

However, a requirement for timber, big heart, power wood and wood surfaces are quite strict, but also may have future generations! Big heart will normally be the most soft splint, and the other is to the more dense wood and straight lines the more the better, as far as I know big heart of Japan juniper of varying. Force is often the material is based on individual preferences啦, some people to pursue the more rigid the better, some people in the hardness and the control of the pursuit of a balance. Surface material will have to meet the needs of the entire system, while surface material is a part of the entire system, different systems of course, require face it, different types of surfaces only have different standards. Loop of the surface material will be soft, and sometimes sticky sponge racket when the tear and may even tear wood wool, while the loop material of the ball plate surface texture will not be too dense. The fast break type of ball plate on the contrary, the

would like to know if knowledge of table tennis equipment, see "ping-pong in the world," this magazine bar, is a monthly publication
Tianjin river horse2010-01-31 23:33:33 +0000 #5



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