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Please look at my master with the bat OK No

Moonlight Ao2010-01-31 23:01:50 +0000 #1
I recently wanted a different film from his own simulations with the following okay I take a look at the nine-year NBA veteran, with fast-break style of play loop

bottom: donic-watt carbon to enhance FL

is hands: Province mad 3 39 °

backhand: G666 39 °

trouble if you look at the bad please give some constructive suggestions on the free online excerpt of the recent I did not see A little good the shortfall! Thank you for the
Big Head Sugar2010-01-31 23:10:07 +0000 #2
though tiles are feeling decent carbon-carbon panels, but it is really playing arc circle will always choose the pure wood. Arc also likes to play fast pace of material STGIA why not consider it a red and black 7.6 (7 Mu 6 carbon glue)? Strong performance, the speed of loop-type substrate. Feel good. . Furthermore, the carbon price is better than tile. Of course, this is only my personal recommendation. . . Talk about the configuration, being 39 degrees province of mad basically had no problem with no irrigation crazy glue three recommendations below 40 degrees. The overall ride G666 racket backhand a little bit heavy weight, G666 using Naishi 20 # Movement sponge (eat better than crazy glue after 3 light). In fact, G666 itself is a very good offensive sets sticky, it should be configured in hand (and I do not know who said take the backhand play, in fact, such a set of adhesive performance with backhand play not, thus wasting) backhand proposed 2.2 SRIVER - FX, or countries the focus of three sets of 729, so that a reasonable match more than the original. PS: STIGA red, black and also the use of this configuration, like the sticky rubber drag system for spin forehand ball mad 3 would be able to G666. Double Happiness is currently the most sticky of the G666.

Question added: What is wrong with more Nick wordless version of the truth have not heard, with the S & P like the bar version of the minimum structure, it is recommended to buy S & P version of the line, buy it at ease. Like any non-character version YEO I never look at. Fancy things.
_ Diablo _2010-01-31 23:17:02 +0000 #3
bottom is not very suitable loop play. Are generally higher than those backhand rubber gloves, hard 1 to 2 degrees, 40 is appropriate.

Some people say that no character version than the regular version of the good quality, not used I do not nonsense.
To me how2010-01-31 23:42:55 +0000 #4
Bank Bar
lingjiaxun2010-01-31 23:35:05 +0000 #5
Inorganic-watt carbon Although carbon plate, but the structure of buried carbon, meaning that large-core fiber layer is located on both sides, so when a small force can not be beat to the end of carbon layer, large forces play only when the role of the carbon layer, so a beat the whole, not very hard

Laowa career used the end of this racket, but both sides are working on JO

suggest that you use a little bit hard , if we say 40 degrees, of course, you usually do not glue, then filling the province of 39 degrees is also a good choice mad, of course, this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of provincial mad. Proposed to use a relatively soft backhand rubber bullets, g666 may be a little hard, transport, sea sponge is not so easy to beat thoroughly, and if the budget situation is not very tight backhand recommend the use of platinum, JO, pulling fight Jie Ke, the National Bank set, or you can use the HK1997 Oder of the HERO



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