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Would like to select a tennis racket

findthewaytt2010-02-01 04:01:55 +0000 #1
My height 171cm, weight 55kg. 19-year-old, male, not strength. Basis for a little tennis. Do not know how much weight and film surface racket for me? Price preferably below 700. What's making it?
aspirinia2010-02-01 04:10:32 +0000 #2
buy a head of golden L4 bar

now also able to do this professional film 700 about the money side of the

98 shot 295g, should be quite suitable for you

the other parameters like this There are many

dunlop's AG 500T you can also consider, and now is more than 700

700, but other brands can look to the very small
brushington992010-02-01 04:36:52 +0000 #3
Buy head micro gel, this manipulation of nature is good
chensui19472010-02-01 04:55:40 +0000 #4
Preemption one entry-level, inexpensive, non-injured hand. Double Happiness of 825.200 yuan or so. I have used, yes ...
yuyanghk2010-02-01 05:21:36 +0000 #5
even when they played college tennis several times, always Jian Qiu, playing badminton after the change of the Department of nice to play tennis
wang11255552010-02-01 05:16:01 +0000 #6
280 Dao 290 about the proposed re-100 film surface Comparison of Hyde to go buy a Babolat racket head the ball weight and spend a little less effort



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